Sleezy Lot Lizard

Drunk girl fuckingSo this trick of mine Charles is always trying to make me into a good girl, I get frustrated with him but he pays me really well so I put up with his pure fuckery bullshit. I always wonder if he wants a good girl so fucking bad why does he spend all his cash getting my trashy lot lizard whore ass everything I want and more. Charles lies in bed with me trying to get me to be his pet project I think he just wants a professional whore all for himself and I don’t blame him either. I like to teabag suck Charles cock and balls I really love how he grinds his ass in my face too, his ass is so tasty. I rack up his cash giving him all he can take and more and I love doing new different shit with him. Since Charles pays me so well I do more for him like when I fuck other guys and fulfill their fantasies I use their nasty desires as inspiration for Charles and I. I can give any guy top dollar treatment when he pays top dollar, whatever.. you need.

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