Family of Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy hookers for hire are on a special date tonight. I am with them in spirit. I can watch the entire orgy on my cell thanks to modern technology. Often, I am either part of the fun or chaperoning, but this guy wanted my girls all to himself. He loved the idea that they were jailbait sisters. From the video footage, I could see he was making them call him daddy. What man doesn’t like the idea of his precious baby girls worshiping his cock? Most of my husband’s clients are paying for the daddy experience. The others want the mommy experience with me, but the lure of a young girl is as old as time. As is the lure of mommy. I played with my wet pussy, while having dirty phone sex with a caller who enjoys the daddy treatment also. I enjoyed letting him know what my angels were doing. I was enjoying having some one to tell. I mean my sweet little whores were on their knees worshiping a stranger’s big dick and calling him daddy. When he started fucking their sweet young holes, I was sloppy wet. My caller nutted just listening to me describe what I was seeing, so you know I came hard watching it. I love my family of whores.

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