Fall At The Truck Stop

gangbang whoreOh boy, do I ever get horny as fuck during the fall.  It is all because of football.  Watching those men with those tight bodies running over each other just gets me going like nothing else can!  Usually I send either my younger family members, or some of the girls who work here on out to the lot to keep the truckers happy, but not during this time of year.  Oh Hell No!

The whole time I am climbing up into those cabs, or standing out by the sign, I feel that wetness on my cooch starting to trickle.  Nothing better than feeling a big fat cock slam between my thighs.  Last night I had a treat.  One of my regulars who usually loves to play with my itty bitty daughter wanted to use me instead.  I told Mel (the manager) that I would be right back.  I went out to the rig and not only was my regular there but three of his sons.  It was a gangbang family style for him. 

I had so much cum on me that when I got of the rig I slipped and landed on my freshly pounded ass.  I had wet leaves stuck to my legs where all those dick drippings had landed.  If you are around, stop on over at the truck stop on Sunday and look me up.  I will be ready to go, and who knows, maybe one of my little ones might be around to join us.

Oh, one more thing.  If you want to keep up with all of us whores here at the station, follow us on twitter!  I’m telling you all our stories will keep you warmer than a wood stove.  Until next time!

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