Cum dumpster Thanksgiving!!

cum dumpsterI love being a dirty cum whore! I decided to give back this Thanksgiving. I am going around from hobo to hobo to drunk man stumbling out of a bar. I have a lot of things to be thankful for and one of those things are bucket loads of cum. Most people will be getting stuffed on food to keep them warm and happy and I only have dick on the brain.

I want and need to be stuffed with big fat cocks and loads of hot sperm. I see my first lucky thanksgiving fuck of the night on the side of the rode. I get on my hands and knees and offer up my hot warm mouth. I shove his dick right down my throat and start beating him off until I feel a fat wad of cum about to explode straight into my tummy.

I guess I attracted more lucky lonely men on the corner. It is a group of four dudes. They all tell me how their families are out of town and too far away and how they will have to spend thanksgiving by themselves. I strip down to nothing right behind a dumpster and encourage each of them to get me a never ending supply of their cum.

They fuck their dicks into each of my holes. I can feel those cocks swelling up and pouring their hot cum inside of me. I go on my way to find even more men. I am excited to see how much cum I can get to explode inside of me. I want to be so stuffed that it is hard to walk around because cum gushes down my legs. I want the hot cum swishing around in my tummy.

I am going to go wake the hobos up by the tree in the park to offer up some love to them. I know those cocks have to be full and need a good release. Thank you for all that sappy cum this thanksgiving. I am one very lucky whore cum dump. I promise to not make that sperm go to waist.

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