Gobble Gobble mother fucker

Furry friends phone sexFurry friends phone sex? More like naked turkey with a big cock phone sex. Before we cook this mother fucker and invite people over, why don’t you and I have a little fun with this dead mother fucker. I want to stroke that big thing that looks like dick with my mouth. Then I’m going to squat down on it and penetrate my tight cunt with it. Oh it feels nice and thick and hard in my fuck hole. I’m dripping all my pussy broth juice all over it. Oh now now big boy, don’t you fucking forget to stuff the turkey with your load of cum. I want to share your cum with all our guest! Grab that turkey and fuck it till you cum in it! Lets not forget to butter the fucking biscuits. Before we put them in oven, let me suck you off to make you cum all over those Delicious biscuits. Don’t you love when we cook Thanksgiving Dinner for our friends? Love watching them savor the buttery biscuits and the delicious stuffing with all that cum of yours. I love it. They asked what kind of broth we used ha ha. The best part was the white gravy.

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