Cum Dumpster Morning

cum dumpsterI can not be a cum dumpster without the cum. I love cum and most days I wake up needing it. Since it was Veterans’ Day, there was no school. No school means no horny boys at the bus stop. I woke up with my tummy growling. It was growling for cum. I knew what I needed, so I put on my best skanky outfit and went down to the truck stop. Normally, I am a late-night lot whore, so this was a new crowd for me. Not as many black men at the truck stop during the day, but there were plenty for me to drain. I walked up and down the truck aisles like a lot lizard sex whore and let the guys know I was hungry. Guys there in the day are not sleeping like they are at night. They are resting as the law says they can only drive so long at a stretch. I found two brothers who wanted to party with a trashy whore. I told them they did not have to pay me. I was just there for their cum. They liked the sound of that because most lot lizards are pros. They are shaking their ass for some coin. I am shaking my ass for cum. I love cum. And those two black skinned brothers were more than happy to help me out. They pumped me full of their black seed while fucking my cunt and my ass at the same time. They loved having a skanky lot lizard to drain their full balls into. I never got their names, but I did get their cum and that is all I needed. They were younger than my usual truckers and they had no blow. But in the morning, all I need is that seed.

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