Cum Dumpster Christmas

cum dumpsterI’m a cum dumpster. I love cum. All my favorite things begin with the letter C: cum, cock and cocaine. Last night, I got all three. Merry Christmas to me. I was down at the truck stop looking to party. Truck drivers are always looking to party with an old whore like me. Everyone knows truckers have the best blow too. I knew my usual hook up, Big D, was on the road. He is not due into town until Saturday, but this time of year there are always more truckers than usual sleeping for a few hours at the truck stop. My skanky ass walked around until I found a guy that made my old twat wet. I found this hot man traveling with his son. Father and son? Fuck yes. I am just the dirty whore to do that. They invited me into their cab. Junior is off school for a few weeks and traveling with his dad to kill time. No better way to kill time than with a trashy milf. I did lines of coke with dad and fucked junior. Dad was a dirty sort. He stroked his cock watching me make his son a man. I wasn’t sure what he was more turned on seeing what I did to his boy or watching his son’s young cock. It didn’t matter. I don’t judge. I was having a hot time even if daddy was gay for his son. As I rode Junior’s cock reverse cowgirl, daddy put his throbbing rod in my mouth. I was going to take father and son cum loads at once. I bet your wife can’t brag about something like that. I am a big dick sucker, so daddy’s dick went all the way down my throat. As junior was filling up my cunt, daddy was filling up my belly. Merry Christmas indeed.

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