Getting Rough with Rover

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My nasty sadistic pops is a motherfuking Shameless degenerate. My father the fucked-up individual in the head he’s also the sexiest man that I’ve ever known. Poppy I’m going to need you to mount my juicy spicy caliente cunt today but first round belongs to Rover or should I say second round. You should know I woke up this morning pussy throbbing wet so I gave the neighbor Jessie a pretty piece of slut slit. He was astonished by my no gag dick drag lol…

Anyway I’m all filled up with cum and I want Rover to mount me and drive that pink pulsating veiny fuckstick into my cum dumpster jizz filled fuckhole. I want him to hit my sluthole fast and strong while daddy watches and chokes his mad meat getting it ready for my used up stretched out alley cat cunt. Oh yes! I moan out in pure ecstasy, Rover is having his pawrrific way with my whorish skank twat.

My daddy loves to see his lot lizard furr freak take pink slimy big dicks. Daddy likes me to oink oink when the county popo’s alpo takes my fat beat up purr furr and drive fists and fucksticks deep inside. Daddy says I’m the smuttiest whore in the entire County daddy says that I could win a prize at the fair.

Now that Rover has had his turn with me and drained his wild cock juices inside of my already cum filled cunt I’m ready. It’s Daddy’s turn he’s got to get his girl ready Daddy has got to fill me up with his disturbingly huge cabbage head 10 inch mommy making jizz monster. I’m wide open and I want Daddy to feel every single one of my slut holes up with his madman juices.

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