Creamy Asshole

creampie slut

I am so fucking horny and I’m ready to be your creampie slut! Do you want to fuck me over and over and fill me up with loads of your own cum, baby? You know I love it when you fill me up and your cum starts dripping out of my pussy. It turns me on so much to know that I am full of multiple loads of your seed. And I know it really gets you going, too.
As much as I love being filled with your cum, I kind of want to be a really fucking dirty creampie mistress and have loads from more than one man inside me. I wouldn’t mind just going down to the bar and finding some guys to being back home with us. Do you want to watch them fuck me and fill me up with their loads of cum? I want to be drilled over and over until the cum is just gushing out of me with every thrust. And then when all the other guys have fucked me, I want you to be the one who ends the night with one final load. Are you ready to watch me turn into a creampie whore? I can’t wait, baby!

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