Lot Lizard Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterI am such a cum dumpster. That is what every guy says about me. Last night I was partying with some truckers down at the Love’s. A sexy lot lizard like me can always find some handsome truckers to party with down there. I was horny. I wanted to fuck and get high. One of the guys asked me if I was cum whore Beverly. I just smiled because I was happy to know I had such an appropriate nick name. One of the guys asked me to prove what a cum whore I am. I invited them to circle jerk on me. I walked in between two trucks and they all followed me. I took my shirt off and ordered them to pull their cocks out. At the count of three they all started jerking their dicks while I got on my knees. I was half naked in the cold of the night with my knees on asphalt. The truckers circle jerked on me. I felt hot jizz hitting my face and tits. I put the skank in lot lizard sex skank. One of the truckers had a double wide cab, so we crammed our cold asses in there for more cum fun. I got gangbanged in the back of a cab proving that I am indeed a dirty cum dump whore. I can never get enough cum.

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