coke head cum dumpster

cum dumpsterFuck!!! I’m late with my rent again. I must have gotten rent money over six times this month but each and every time I have managed to use up my rent money on coke. My little habit has taken over the existence of my life. See, When I am high I am horny and when I work I am always high. The coke seeps thru and makes me a nympho whore. I can perform on stage better and I can keep guys coming in and out faster from the vip room. Its easy money and it makes my nights go by in a blink. I can’t deprive my pussy and myself from that magical angel dust. My landlord is going to come any second now. I am ready for his monthly bullshit. This time I can’t get an extension. I look all over like a madman looking for any trace of coke. I score a left over baggie and begin to dum it out immediately. I get my pussy ready for business as I get high as a kite I already know I will be the landlords cum dumpster for the night.

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