Date Night

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I do not go on many dates.  I’m usually busy filling my holes instead.  I was surprised when a neighbor of mine asked me out.  He told me to dress nice.  So I broke out my very best dress and got ready.  When he came to the door he said I looked super beautiful.  I wasn’t sure if he would like what I was wearing, but he did!  He took me to a real feast at the Kentucky Fried Chicken place.  I got some looks from the staff and other customers but I think it was because they were jealous.

After we were done there we went on a walk near a duck pond.  I definitely wore the wrong shoes for that.  My heels were sinking into the ground, which sorta made me mad because I had just got them from a stripper friend of mine and they were in great shape.  When we got back to the car he kissed me.  We got into the car and went back to his apartment.

He cracked open a couple of Schlitz and we got a really good buzz on.  I asked him why he had asked me out since normally guys like him didn’t ask me out, they just wanted to fuck.  He told me that he had heard about me and wanted to see if the rumors were true.  I told him that they probably were.  He took a couple of pics of me sitting in his Lazy boy and sent them to so some friends.  Then he asked me if it was okay if a few of them came over to watch a movie with us. 

When they got there they were pleasant enough, but I could tell something was going on.  After the movie started, my date stood up and put his hand out.  I grabbed it, we inched past the other four guys there and he walked me into the bedroom.  Without saying a word he dropped his pants.  His cock was ready to be milked! He said that he tried to wait but he just couldn’t anymore.  He didn’t even have to ask, I fell to my knees to pop it right into my mouth.  He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down, harder and harder.  My make-up didn’t survive, my mouth was getting numb, and I knew that the next morning I would have a sore throat.

I didn’t even hear the bedroom door open.  I had no clue that there were a circle of hardened dicks encircling me.  When he left me off his cock one of his friends grabbed my hair to pull me onto his nice throbbing dick.  I had dicks in my hand, a dick in my mouth.  My dress was down so that my tits could be slapped, pinched, and played with.  The back of my dress was pulled up over my ass, I could feel a warm tongue pressing up against it before a few fingers were rammed up inside it.  I could hardly catch my breath.

By the time my date was over I was exhausted.  I looked at myself in the mirror when I got home.  I looked like I had a hard night, which I did, I had a lot of hard dick.

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