Ready to get Rude

Taboo phonesex


I want you to explore a rape fantasy with me and I want you to like it like I do. I decided that I would give an old friend a ride home because he was intoxicated. I noticed that my friend kept asking you to drop him off at a motel room because he did not want to go home so drunk. Myself, I was living between homes, and I depended on motel rooms to survive each night safely. My friend knew this I suggested that we shared a room and the cost I wasn’t worried at all because I knew this guy plus he was super drunk so what could he do. Let’s call this fantasy assaulter, Terry. As soon as we rented the room, I went for the shower took me a shower. I was getting all nice and clean from my dirty day when suddenly there was a bang at the bathroom door. My friend was screaming, “I’ve got to pee, I’ve got to pee” so, I let him in I knew he was drunk, I knew he had a lot to drink I had no reason to not believe him. As I was in the shower he was urinating and there was no big deal at all as soon as I heard the toilet flush the shower curtain was pulled back. I screamed at my friend what are you doing he grabbed me by my waist and my hair at the same time and drug me into the main room. He threw me down on the bed and started to tell me that he was going to fuck me. I screamed to stop even though secretly I wanted to feel captured and taken. His pants were already unbuttoned from when he used the bathroom, so all he had to do was expose to me his rock hard throbbing cock. He forced my legs open and pierced me with his cock rod as hard as he could pumping over and over he pounded into my pussy only saying, I knew this pussy was good. I begged him to stop, but that just made him more powerful and forceful with me. To tell the absolute truth that was the reason why I said no because I wanted him to go harder. Terry grabbed my neck and started to choke me while at the same time thrusting inside of my hot wet pussy. Terry’s cock was so fucking hard and he was being so passionate. He had to have my wet cunt and he wasn’t taking no for an answer. All of a sudden Terry’s rock hard cock started to cum inside of my wet steaming hot pussy it felt so fucking good. Can you fuck me like I need to be fucked all the time?

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