Cinco De Mayo Putas

cum filled cunt

Well, I have been trying to pay off my debt to the dealer, but he hasn’t been happy with all the fucking I have been doing with him. He has made me a cum slut for sure, but he wanted something more. To clear my debt, he wanted me and my best friend Carrie to join him for his Cinco de Mayo weekend getaway. He wanted to fuck us and stuff us a like pinata. He also wanted Carrie and me to service the cartel chief there. We had no choice but to do as he said. We both owed him a pretty lump sump. This was mostly consolidating our debt and making it even from now on. We had a long week of booze and some yummy coke, but mostly cum filled cunt weekend. We got fucked by  all the cartel workers, and we were being branded as the mainland puta’s. We were their cum dump. It was a Cinco mayo to remember. We both still can’t get the mariachi music out of our heads to this day total PTSD.

cum dumpster

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