Big Dick Sucking Silvia

big dick sucker

I love getting down on my knees and sucking fat cocks. That’s just the way it is and I’m not ashamed that I am a big dick sucker. I’m proud of it. Not many girls actually love doing it the way I do and trust me when I say that I am rewarded in every single way by the men who have been lucky enough to have their cocks in my expert mouth.
Yeah, that’s right. I said I’m an expert at sucking big dicks. It was that way from the very first time I had a giant cock in my mouth. It just seems that it’s one thing I was born to do perfectly. The first really big cock I sucked was so big that it was hard to even get it into my mouth, but once it was in, he just thrust back and forth and kept hitting the back of my throat. I gagged a little but I held my own and sucked him until he shot a big load in my mouth. And after that I was just addicted to big cocks and became quite a size queen. To hear more about that, all you have to do is call me.

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