Hooking while the Club is Closed

Hooker Phone SexThe club is shut down, but the bills still need to be paid so I turn to the age-old profession of hooking. I do it on the side sometimes and I like to fuck so it won’t be too bad for me. I work through an agency that forwards requests to me and I just pick and choose what I like. Last night I got an interesting request from “I’ve got a BBC for you”. All they wanted was a blonde with big tits wearing thigh highs. Easy enough and I could use some BBC fucking right now anyway. My pussy hole is going through withdrawals. I got dressed and met him at the hotel. He was a nice-looking gentleman with a massive bulge in his pants. Just looking at it made my pussy start to get wet. He was a man of few words, so we just got right down to it. He removed all my clothing except my thigh highs. He laid me back on the bed and started eating my pussy. He licked my clit and fingered my hole so great that I almost forgot he was paying me for this. After I squirted all over his face, he spread my legs and inched his anaconda deep inside my pussy. My cunt grabbed it at every inch, trying to take it all in but he was persistent and slow. I was practically near climax by the time he filled my hole with his BBS. He held my hips as he thrust deep inside me, fast and furious. It felt so good as I felt him start to twitch and then unleash his load inside me. I came at the same time. He then removed his cock, wiped it clean, threw me a towel, got dressed and handed me some cash before he walked out the door. Since he had already paid for the room, I drew myself a big bubble bath and ordered some room service before I left.

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