Big Dick Sucker Hadley

Big Dick Sucker

You catch me showing my ass for some would be johns and see that I am fucked up on something. You flag me over and tell me my ass is mighty fine. I smirk and ask what you want. That’s when you pull out this giant dick and ask if I could ride it bareback.  My eyes light up and I jump in your car. You then say you can’t host so I take you back to my trailer.  I have crack pipes laying on the counter and you light a rock you had for me. Then demand I suck your huge cock before I get anymore. I am on your cock with my mouth in a flash. My eyes do not leave the pipe as I attempt to suck you down to your balls.  Each flick of the lighter makes me suck harder and deeper. You finally give me a hit and demand I suck more and deeper or I won’t see any more drugs. I am drooling around your cock and gagging as I suck deep throat that massive cock. I am finally rewarded as you cum down my throat and on my face. I get to get high again and keep the piece, But I must take your dick all the way up my ass bareback to keep it.  Now I have taken cocks up my ass but yours hurt a little and felt good deep inside at the same time.  “Your nothing but a dirty trashy crack whore!” You scream.  Indeed, that’s what I am but I get the best drugs and best cock around.

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