Sharing My Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex stories

I have so many kinky stripper sex stories. When I started stripping my sex life got really fucking exciting. All these guys would come in and get lap dances from me and I could feel their hard cocks through their pants. The other dancers told me to just ignore it and get my money and move on to the next guy. But, I couldn’t stop the wetness flowing from my pussy when I felt the dick grinding against my sweet cunt. I remember the first time a guy told me that he noticed. He said if I was really that turned on that he would give me a really big tip to take him to the back and let him fuck me. I was so fucking into it. The idea of getting paid to get fucked made my pussy really start to gush. I was so fucking turned on and ready to get pounded like such a fucking whore. He rammed his cock into my pussy and then tossed some money at me before walking out. Now fucking for money is how I get by and I fucking love it.

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