Big Dick Sucker for Little Boys

When you are a big dick sucker, you get a reputation. I do not mind reputations. I love it that guys know I am a cum guzzler and knob slobber. I was hungover this morning. I was up late partying like I am any Friday night. I heard banging on my door early this morning. I think the sun was just barely up too. I am not a morning person because I am a night owl. I keep vampire hours. Well, sort of. That is why you never see me on before noon LOL. When I first heard the banging, I thought perhaps it was my head. But it would not stop. I got up to check the door thinking maybe it was an Amazon delivery. It was a couple young boys. So young I doubted they even had pubes yet. One of them said to me, “I hear you suck big dicks.” I laughed because I knew they could not have big dicks yet. Not based on their age or size. I asked them if they had big dicks for me. One boy was all proud and he said, “Together we have about 10-inches, is that good enough for you?” I laughed. They were precious. Sure, I like my 10 inches to be on one cock, but they were so adorable, and I am always into young boys. I told them to come on in. I was happy to suck their cocks. My guess was they had heard about the trashy milf on Lot 18 who loves to suck cock and fuck. Maybe they heard that I was a size queen. Maybe they just assumed. Either way, I made those horny boys men. Not only did I suck their cocks, but I also let them use me as a three-hole whore. Turns out, their young boy cum was just the hangover cure I needed.

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