I Will Be Waiting

dirty phone sexReady to party and be perverted tonight babe? I have a fresh delivery from my favorite dealer and a bottle beside me. Freshly showered and scantily clothed I am ready for you. I want to do lines and smoke a little and do shots with you. Perhaps put on some porn and have some mutual masturbation fun. I have all night and I am waiting for you. I want to hear you stroke your wet cock while I rub my clit with my vibrator and push my dildo inside my juicy wet cunt. Let’s have some kinky naughty roleplay too love. Nothing is off limits and the more perverted and kinkier the better for me. I love when I have a caller with a wild fantasy. We snort and smoke and take our time as we venture into the raunchiest wildest fantasy we can think of. Jerking and stroking as we go. So what are you waiting for love, give me a call and let’s have some fun tonight.

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