Big dick sucker for a tax break

Big dick suckerI woke up this morning horny, and that is never a good thing for me. If I am not getting fucked daily I get really crabby! So I had two things on my mind today getting fucked and getting fucked hard.
I needed to drop my taxes off to my accountant, old weird guy that has done them for years. I thought I would get that out of the way and make my way to the gym and maybe fuck a gym rat. I walked into the old guy’s office and a bell rang. As I stood and waited for the old guy a 30 something guy, good looking and a nice smile comes to the front. He asked what he could help me with and I said I was dropping off my tax info for the old guy. He smiled and said “Dad retired; I am the tax prep lawyer here now.” As he took my paper work from my hand I thought, I am going to fuck this guy rotten. As soon as the door was closed I took off my jacket. I had on my little workout outfit and there wasn’t much to it. The younger guy took my coat and held it up asking me to put it back on. He’s married he said, I laughed inside and thought…I am going to bring out the hard fucking animal he wants to be.
I take my coat back and throw it over the chair, I told him I was hot and that was that. And then I saw it. His cock was hard as a rock, and his pants were no help in hiding it. Oh that’s what I need I thought. Call me big dick sucker today! First things first…I need him so hot he can’t help but fuck me.
Until next time….

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