Big dick sucker

big dick sucker

I am on dick patrol right now in my neighborhood. I am going from door to door offering my services up to all the guys that are home. They open the door and I jump to my knees and ask for five bucks, letting them know that I am the dick patrol and they have kept the cum in their nuts for far too long. Each of them smile and hand me the five bucks only to push my head down and fuck my throat while their wife’s call out to them from the kitchen. Those sandwich making bitches can keep cooking and I will take care of their men the real way. By sucking their cocks so far down my throat that their balls beat against my chin and neck. I want those juicy cum filled dicks to fill my tummy up! The more cum to rush down my throat and into my tummy the better! My mouth will be taking them so deep. I am going to be drooling all over those cocks that are drooling all inside my mouth. I love how yummy pre cum taste.

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