Big Dick Sucker Co-Pilot

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Beverly is my CB handle. Big D gave me that handle. I went along for a ride in his truck a few days ago. He had a 2 day trip, was tired and thought if I was his side kick, I could keep him awake with my oral skills. He thought it was funny to blast on the CB he was getting head from a dirty old cougar. He aired my dick sucking over the trucker waves. Fellow truckers were egging us on as I slurped on his big black cock. Soon other truckers were requesting that Big D share his cock sucking whore with them. We pulled over at a truck stop for gas and a shower. While he was cleaning up, I was a cum guzzling slut, chugging down several truckers’ hot loads of cum. When Big D came back from the shower facility, he was all clean, but I was very dirty. Dirty in cum. He just looked at me and smiled. Then he said, this is why you are my co-pilot. I loved riding around in his truck showing off my big dick sucking skills. Other truckers said I was better than a 5 Hour Energy drink. I think I will be hitting the road more often.

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