3 Way Trouble with the Law

Fucking 2 other girls is not the worst thing I ever did to get my fix, and actually it was pretty fun. I mean it was also so that I would not go to jail, but it was mostly to get my coke back. I was at a party because that is usually the easiest place to find drugs. It was actually a pretty lit party, so I decided to hang out. I was getting fucking trashed, and when I get drunk I get so fucking horny. I found this super fucking hot toned man, and I knew it was him I wanted to fuck. I asked him if he wanted to snort some coke off my tits, and he laughed. He took my hand and he guided me to a room where there was 2 other girls handcuffed to a bed. Before I could even register what was going on he locked the door, took my coke, and was flashing a badge in my face. Of course I would try to fuck an undercover cop. I cursed at him, but that only made him laugh. He told us if we put on a show for him, he would give us back our paraphernalia, and walk away like it never happened. Me and the girls fucked and sucked each other like our independence relied on it because it did. Fucking pig came, and kept our fucking shit. At least we are not in jail.

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