Big Dick Sucker Beverly Utilizes Some Tricks to Swallow BBCs

big dick suckerGood thing I am a big dick sucker, or I would have choked on this big black cock last night. Although I am no stranger to big cock, sometimes I meet one so big I cannot help but struggle. For those super big cocks, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. And I can teach you my tricks too if you want to be a BBC faggot. Trust me. Not a day goes by that some bbc sissy or cuckold does not call me asking how I swallow these anacondas.

It is all in the positioning. Personally, I find it easier to swallow a big black cock like the one I had last night if my head tilts over the couch or my bed. I hooked up with this 30s something black man I met at a bar. Of course, I assumed that he had a big black dick. But I did not guess he would measure just shy of 14-inches. That is a whole lotta of cock even for this BBC trailer trash whore.

Sometimes I Utilize Tricks to Suck the Biggest Black Cocks

But I was not turning him away. I never turn away a big black cock. Never. I just had to prepare myself. I excused myself to the bathroom to swig some olive oil. It helps lubricate the throat. Although I did not worry about taking him in my pussy, I did a quick olive oil douche too for reassurance. My lubricated cunt walls would not struggle with his cock. But my mouth? That I was unsure of.

So, when I came back to my living room, I got on the couch in a position that allowed my head to tilt over the sofa arm. My lover stood up and slid his monster of a cock down my throat.  No gagging either. The combination of my two favorite tricks allowed me to take his black snake with ease. And that impressed him. According to him, I am the first trashy milf who did not bite off more than she could chew.

My voice is a little horse this morning and I am walking like I rode one last night too, LOL. In a way I did. I bet my lover’s cock rivals that of a horse dick. I am full of black cock stories. So, if you want to suck big black cock like me, I can help you learn how.

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