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I got my cunt pumped full of a few loads of cum earlier from some of our favorite customers. I let it sit in my pussy for a while before making her get underneath me to lap it out. She is such a hot little bitch with big fat fake tits and and skinny little figure. She looks like such a bimbo whore walking around; nothing on her body is natural. It makes it even hotter because she is literally a fuck doll made for entertainment. Whenever she is working we make the most money; it’s like a fuck fest full of the horniest men. 

It is so much fun being surrounded by an audience and being filmed while entertaining everyone. All those hard cocks out while they watch to of the best sluts fuck each other silly. Sometimes they will come over and shoot their load on her tits as she is eating my box out. Sometimes they will slip their cock in one of her holes and blow a load in her. My favorite is when they shoot it on her whore face as she is tongue deep in my dirty stripper pussy. We are the nastiest and trashiest freaks you will ever meet! Call me so I can show you how a real bitch makes a man cum.

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