Being a Big Dick Sucker Runs in the Family

big dick sucker I am a big dick sucker. I have been sucking dick since I was just a little girl. My mom was a hooker. Oldest profession in the world, right? She was a hooker in the 60s before online advertising. Daddy was a trucker, so she found dates at the truck stop when he was on the road. She taught me how to be a big dick sucker. Well, some of her johns taught me. Many of them took a fancy to me once they realized there was a younger, tighter model in the same house. I actually loved the attention. I also loved the money. Momma got way more money when I helped out. Daddy was pretty much an asshole and left us very little when he hit the road, sometimes for a month at a time. So momma got creative with how she earned extra cash. My momma was good to me. Sure some folks might think pimping your daughter out is bad parenting, but I wanted to help contribute to the family. I also wanted designer jeans and clogs and eventually a car. Daddy sure was not providing any of that. There is nothing wrong with sex for money. It puts food on the table and nice clothes on a girl’s back. Bonus, I learned how to suck dick. I learned a few other things too like how to take dick up the ass. I am just a phone sex hooker now, but times have changed. I can make more money at this than my mother ever did on her back. I love to fuck. Don’t get me wrong, I may not be a hooker for hire, but I still fuck all the time. And, like my momma, I share men with my daughter. I taught her how to be a big dick sucker too. My daughter and I have a lot of fun cock sucking together, just like I did with my mom so many years ago. I have raised my daughter to be open and comfortable with her sexuality, just unlike my mom, to not need a man to support her. We do just fine without daddy in the picture. In fact, we have way much more fun than we ever would if he was still around.

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