Behind Bars

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Well your favorite Tranny whore got caught fucking in the alley behind the bar. All I wanted was some dick and something to smoke. I tried so hard to get the pigs to let me go. I offered them a ride on my cock which pissed them off. I even offered to suck their dicks and lick their ass holes. I am pretty sure I had one who was going to let me. They cuffed me and threw me in the back of the car with another fucking whore. Bj just was a kinky cunt. She would let you do anything to her for $5. This cunt looked at me and we had the same fucking Idea. We used to double team our tricks a long time ago. We leaned in to each other and started kissing in the back of the cop car. The cops were yelling at us to stop but they didn’t try hard to break us up.

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They were watching us trashy whores kiss and lick each other with no hands. I got my skirt up and she started sucking my cock. That is when the pigs pulled over and watched us closer. They turned around and watched me fuck BJ’s trashy fucking mouth like it was a tight ass hole. I kept telling Bj to suck my tranny cock. The cops faces were smashed against the wire between us and them. I looked one in the eye “You know fellas you both could be getting your cocks sucked like this is you let us out of the car.” They looked at each other, got out of the car and talked outside. We were in the middle of nowhere. They opened the doors and kept our cuffs on us. Bj and I got down on our knees and started sucking those pigs cocks. I pulled my lips off of my piggie and asked him to make me his Anal cum dumpster. He grabbed me by my arms and slammed me face down on the hood of his car. He pushed his cock into my ass and fucked me so god damn hard. He filled my ass up with his cum. Then I told him to watch as I pushed his cum out of my ass and BJ ate it all up like she was starving. Now that is how you get out of jail free. 

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