Eat Shit and Die!!!

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Some men get so turned on by a dirty bathroom whore. It has never bothered me to squat and take a piss in front of people. So, it really wasn’t that hard when a successful businessman told me that he was turned on by a woman taking a shit.
I followed him to his motel. Luckily, I had some great Mexican food earlier in the day and my bowels were groaning and I had some foul gas. He could barely wait for me to strip. I bent over, spreading my ass cheeks and let him get a good sniff of my ripe asshole. He got so fucking turned on that he began to lap it like a horny pooch. “Lick my dirty ass.” I groaned.

He asked me if I had to shit yet. I told him that my asshole was ready and he almost creamed himself. I told him to follow me to the toilet so that we could begin. He sat down on the toilet and had me sit on his lap so he could rub his cock against my puckered rim. I had to shit so bad. “Grrrrr, I feel it coming.” I moaned and pushed. “Almost there.” as I felt the head of the massive turd begin to protrude from my shithole. He began to rub his rigid rod against my hole as the steaming mass protruded from my gaping fuckhole. I felt it leave my body and land on his cock. He was moaning now and jerking his cock off with the feces lube

. I dropped to my knees to watch him play in my stinking load. He reached out and grabbed me by the hair just as he was ready to come, forcing the shitty rod right between my lips. He pumped hard, forcing cock and shit into the back of my throat. I gagged on the foul odor as he pumped his shitty load deep.

My pussy is dripping wet thinking about next time. He plans to shove my turd right back up into my ass with his cock and fuck my feces. No amount of Listerine will remove the taste of turd-pie from my mouth but it was so worth it.

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