BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI am full of BBC sex stories. I have been a black cock whore since I was a young girl. This week, I ran into the man I lost my virginity too. I was a young schoolgirl. He was a younger man. Not younger than me, but younger than my mother who he was fucking. He was my mom’s first black John. He was the one that spread the word that she was a great BBC whore and down to fuck black men for money. I used to spy on them fucking and masturbate. I was supposed to stay out of sight. My mom’s Johns were not to know I was in the house, but I liked to watch her. She was beautiful, especially when she was a big dick sucker for the local black men. One time, Jerome caught me watching and he offered my mom money to fuck me. Now, she did not want to turn out her young daughter. It was me who assured my mother I was ready for the challenge. I was still a virgin, but I was horny as fuck. I had been watching my father’s VHS collection of porn and watching my mother be a black cock whore. I told my mother we needed the money. A bbc whore was born that day. It hurt, but I still loved it. I was not sure Jerome would recognize me. I was all grown up. It had been 40 some years since I saw him, but he recognized me because I look just like my mother. He is damn near 70 now, but he still looked good. My guess was his anaconda still worked too. I went home with him. His dick had a few issues, but nothing a good rim job could not fix. His son was there too. He has a son my son’s age. The boy was just as hung as his father. I am a trailer trash whore, so I fucked them both. I had a black father and son tag teaming my holes all night. I did this for free. I was feeling nostalgic and super fucking horny. My mom may have charged black men to fuck her, but I fuck them for free.

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