Anal cum dumpster Seen at Truck Stop

Anal cum dumpster

I have an obsession to be the biggest Anal cum dumpster this side of the Mississippi. The weekends are prime time at the truck stop where I work. I pretty myself up so I can be seen when those long haulers pull in the lot. This week the lot was super busy and not that many girls working so I got lots of extra attention. My little tight button butt hole needs to be gaped so I find myself walking the lot every weekend. I’m always dropping to my knees in between the long haulers. Sometimes I even take a ride up the interstate and back down. This weekend I decided to go on vacation down in the dirty south. I love riding up from the Pilot in one area, seeing how many cock’s I can make come and then getting a ride straight back down to the one I came from. It was cold so I was dressed warm in my thick fleece lined leggings and short black mini skirt. Dressing slutty makes me have Sloppy wet pussy. The first trucker who spotted me just had to smile my way and I was headed over. He went over to the passenger side of the short bed and he opened the door to bend my whore ass slightly as the waist and take my ass bare back. Maybe I looked clean that day and he figured he would be the first load. Well he was the first of many many loads dumped into my hungry ass.

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