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Anal cum dumpster

Being an anal cum dumpster is one of the best things to ever happen to me. You could say that I was born to be a butt slutt. One thing is true a lot of whores give up their ass but those who really enjoy getting a cock reamed in that tight ass hole like me are in demand. I ride and back it up like no other!

Twerking on cock with my ass makes me so fucking crazy. Most men I take home have no clue I am so much into ass play and back-door fucking. That’s right I take clients right in my own home. Sometimes my husband and offspring are even home.  Now that might make my ass fuckers uneasy. Wait until we snort a couple of lines and I show him what my ass can do!  

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Second, a woman who loves to have her ass gaped and dripping cum just hits a little harder. Your wife sure the hell isn’t putting her ass to good use now, is she? So you cum looking for hookers for hire who love anal! Lay back and imagine that’s my little ass ring getting spread on your cock as I tell you all the dirty ass fuck sessions I have had with and without my cuck hubby!

 Let me explain how pleasurable it is to get fucked in the poop shoot. Il grab a nice fat toy and stick it to the wall and fuck my ass on call. Cum for my ass hole baby, let me show you how a dirty whore can please you! I’m going to make you cum so hard you’ll be begging for more ass fucking! Hardcore anal sex  I want you to cum all over my ass hole and pussy. I want to feel your cum dripping down my body. Let’s have some fun!

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