All-Out Fun Day at the Club

The club had a fun day today. The admission price was doubled, but it was well worth it for all of the clientele. Instead of paying to get private rooms, they could just do whatever girl they wanted anywhere they wanted, provided the girl agreed. There were couples going at it in every corner of the room. Some were doing it up against support beams. A few were even fucking at the bar. Not on it, of course, James would have had a conniption fit if they’d climbed up and started fucking on his pristine bar. The bar stools, though, are going to need some serious cleaning, as will all the floors. The good part about it is that the boss hires a cleaning company to do the deed after these events, which only happen twice a year. The cleaning crew is well apprised of the situation, so they make a heap.Stripper sex stories

When it was my turn to dance, there were men holding up bills every which way I turned. I had the pick of the guys who weren’t otherwise occupied, because they almost all wanted me. Every time I did a round about the pole, There was another bill added to most of their hands. The ones who couldn’t keep up with the rest of the guys slowly weeded themselves out. By the end of the dance, only 4 guys remained, each with about a grand flailing in the air, begging for my attentions. I noticed that 2 of them were at the same table, so I made my way to them. Boy, I couldn’t have done a better job of choosing. They both handed me the money, then proceeded to pick me up between them. The one held me under my arms, groping my breasts, as the other wrapped my legs about his waist. He plunged right into me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. The guy behind me continued to massage my breast with one hand while the other situated his cock at my ass hole.

Those 2 spent hours just fucking me every which direction, right there at their table. For two grand, baby, I was issuing nary a complaint. I enjoyed the fuck out of myself tonight!

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