“Maid” for eating shit

scat phone sex

I decided that I needed a second job so I took a position at a local No-tel Motel as a maid. I figured I might make a little extra on the side. I was hard at work scrubbing the bathroom when I heard the door open. I felt someone watching me and I looked up. You were standing there rubbing your cock through your jeans. “Mmmm mmmm, I do love to see a woman down on her knees.” I laughed, looking at the unimpressive dick you were holding. I continued working, ignoring you. “I’m really turned on by maids.” “And I’m really turned on by money and I’m trying to work.” I responded. “You forgot to clean something.” you continued to taunt me. You bent over right in front of my face showing me your dirty asshole.  I couldn’t resist that tight puckered hole. I lapped it slowly with my tongue, cleaning out the dark crevasses and delving deeply. Hearing you moan, I licked faster, reaching for your cock so I could stroke you. It didn’t take long before you blew a load all over my clean bathroom floor. You grinned at me. “Better clean up that mess, too.” My head dropped and I began to lap the creamy mess from the tile floor. There are such perks to being a maid.

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