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Gangbang whoreI haven’t been having one on one sex for a long time. I guess when drugs are involved I just become a total Gangbang whore. It’s almost like an addiction, on top of my addiction. What broke me down to this point of pure patheticness? I am not sure I can even remember, I stay so fucked up and high all the time, everything just blends together. It’s almost as if I cannot cum unless 3 or more cocks are fucking me, using me, draining their big full balls in me. I like being treated like complete trash, I am the nastiest and dirtiest bitch you’ve ever met. I fucking get off from a hot golden shower from all the cocks that just gangbanged my holes. Don’t I look like the typical whore addict that will do whatever it takes to get high, then lets everyone do whatever they want once they are high anyway. That’s me, and I will always be this way, I will always need a gangbang to truly make me cum.

Druggy porn

Druggy porn “You ready to be a star, stupid bitch?” They kicked me and mocked me as the camera rolled. I wasn’t about to disagree with them or talk back. I was here to do whatever I could to get my fix. “Flo, you’re the starring whore in Druggy porn. How does that make you feel?” They bent me over and started fucking my holes. My mouth, my ass, and my pussy are all filled immediately and there is nothing I can do about it. They are gaping my holes out and fucking me violently. This is a hardcore gangbang and I am just pathetically taking their dicks so I can get high. I need to get high, my body is nothing but a vessel to get me there. I take all their cocks as they humiliate and degrade me. I beg for them to fuck me, beg them for their cum and beg them to let me just get a little high. But they are going to make sure I am sober to feel every bit of this reality, my reality. Soon though, soon I will get my fix.

Gangbang whore

Druggy phone sex“Flo, get over here bitch and help us score an 8-ball.” I obeyed and walked over to the corner, I know the drill. My job is to stand there and look like a whore that is ready to fuck. The men go back and forth getting a quick look at me before continuing on. Finally, I make eye contact with a guy that looks like he dabbles into the same druggy lifestyle I am into. I ask him if he has any plans for the evening and he doesn’t crack a smile at all but says “I have plans now.” I take his arm and follow him a few blocks, and to me, it looks like we are going to tent city. That’s where all the druggies live, the homeless people, the hookers and all. He brings me into the back of the woods and dangles about half of what I was told to go get over my face. He laughs at me as he ties me to a tree before skull fucking my mouth. I take it all, the idea of getting high finally makes it all worth it. He finally lets me snort some off of his cock. He tells me if I want the rest of my goodies I am going to have to be a good girl and let him do something a little extra special. Little did I know what a wild fuck I was signing myself up for!

Cum dumpster

All I wanted to do was get high, but I got myself into the worst possible situation. He’s beaten my face black and blue as a true whore, the camera is still filming me crying as he brings his fist back again to the back of my head, ripping out a chunk of my hair this time. I am crying but it’s pointless because I am his breeding whore to do whatever he wants with, his submissive fucking slut to abuse like the piece of shit I know I am. He’s got me tied up, tightly bound so I can’t fight against him. He wants me in the most pain as possible. He loves seeing me suffer, he loves taking out all his anger on me and letting his friends use me too. His friend has his cock down my throat and I feel myself start to gag violently on his dick, I am choking on my snot from crying too. And this only makes him more turned on so he’s fucking my mouth while the other guy is pumping into my pussy that swollen cock feels like it’s ready to burst. His balls slapping against my ass and the others in my face I know he’s about to fill my cunt with his breeding batter. As soon as he blows his load in my pussy he’s moving to my ass and slapping me in the face calling me a stupid fucking bitch. The one who was just in my mouth goes straight to my pussy making sure he gets his load of cum in me too, I am being told now that I must beg for it. So there I am, crying and whimpering and begging for a huge load of cum to fill me up already feeling the warm load in my pussy. Once they’re done using me like a sex slave and breeding whore I am tied to the chair as they start up a machine. The sound is so familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Suddenly the pain I feel on my breast soon tells me this a tattoo gun and he’s writing “crack whore” on my left tit. This makes me hysterical but he’s far from done. It takes hours but he ends up tattooing all over my body, “breeding whore, Cum dumpster, bitch, slave, stupid slut, fucktoy.” my body is bloody and bruised but I am his piece of art. He and his friends spit on me before they go, then cover my ruined body in their warm piss. They leave me tied up, helpless so they can use me again later if they want. They’re just trying to make an army of stupid sluts just like me to abuse and I am the vessel, the whore that will give this to them.

Cum dumpster

Cum dumpsterI stay in bed all day thinking about how badly I need to be fucked. To be manhandled and tortured until knocked unconscious. I need a man who will tie me down and fuck me hard in every hole. He’ll stretch out my tight little asshole while his friends ravage me by fucking my face and my pussy. I’m gagged and bloody already from this hardcore gangbang. They’ll fuck me until they bust their heavy load. Filling me up like a cream-filled donut. Then drop me on the floor and jiz all over my stomach and face. Choking me with their thick and steamy cum. I gag hard on that shit, as it fills my nose and mouth, cutting out my breath. My nipples harden at the thought of coming mere moments from death. I’m always craving a good torture fucking gangbang by pussy craving pervs. I didn’t get my wish but I did get a nice and warm creamy filled donut.

Druggy porn

Druggy porn “Would you look at that tsk tsk tsk.” He looks down on me giving me a hard quick punch to my side. “Come on over guys we’ve got ourselves another addict for some druggy porn!” He motioned for the rest of the group to come over as I lay on the ground shaking from withdrawals. They all circled around me but I could barely focus. I could only think about getting high. The leader of the group dragged me to my knees by my hair before asking me what my drug of choice is. I was feigning for some ‘boy’ at that time and they just happened to have it on hand. I was more awake then, starting to beg for just one hit of that sweet H shit. That’s all it took for me to start groveling at their feet and whining that I would do anything at all to get high. They already know this but they’re going to make me work for it nothing I can do about it either. They ordered me to open my mouth and surrounded me in a circle. All at once they start pissing all over me then begin finishing off their piss by using my mouth to swallow the very last drops. I don’t fight or whine or do anything I’m not supposed to do. I’ll do whatever I have to get numb from my dearest friend, heroin.

Live phone sex

Live phone sex “You nasty fucking cunt!” He shoves my face into the dirt, making sure it is open and I am getting mouthfuls of dirt down my throat. He is even holding my nose as I choke and choke. I am dying on the sand he is making me breathe in, but he doesn’t want to end me there. The fun for him has only gotten started. He stops in time to let me catch my breath before dragging me over to a giant bucket of water. “Die bitch.” He whispers in my ear as he shoves me underwater. I am panicking, flailing around desperately as he holds me down and as everything starts to fade into blackness. The end is near. I wake up and I am tied with my hands above me, as I hang there I try to remember what happens. I don’t have enough time alone before he is back. ”Did you really think I would let you go out that easy you fucking stupid whore?” He slaps me across my face. But instead of stopping he just keeps hitting me, beating me over and over as I pour blood. He is degrading me, telling me I am about to die like the whore I am. And this time I think he’s right.

Trashy milf

Trashy milf My eyes were swollen I could not even open them. I could not even tell you how many days I had been down here. He’d been beating me and fucking me non-stop for days. Making sure this is something I will never forget. This would be the last time I would ever say no to him. I had not wanted to have my ass fucked, it was so raw and sore from the brutal ass fucking I had already been getting from him and his friends. But he was furious that I denied him, making sure I never would do that again. He has my ass bleeding now, he’s fucking it so much, he even got to fist my ass. I am destroyed. My crying only has turned him on more. I feel like a pathetic fucking whore, and I guess I am one. He’s been beating me till I pass out as he fucks me. Waking me up with his cock in my mouth making sure I choke on it real good. I hope I survive this, it’s all I can think.

Furry friends phone sex

Furry friends phone sex I remember when I was first being forced to learn about my new life. I remember how I thought I was better than this, how I would never enjoy these things I was being forced to do. Well, you see I’ve mentioned lots of Furry friends phone sex play but I have more furry friends that I have played with. There are other four-legged creatures for me and my favorite being the one that uses a saddle and ya know have special shoes for their feet. Those are the most magnificent creatures, and I have to have one of them fuck me. My owner had trained this one to be like this, to fuck on command so I was tied down because they don’t want me to move. They want me to take that big massive cock and get my cunt to levels it has never seen before. Nothing is bigger than this kind of cock, it’s huge and it’s only getting bigger. It grows and grows in me as it cums in me. I have never had such a feeling in me, nothing would ever compare.

Furry friends phone sex

Furry friends phone sex“You would do it for me, wouldn’t you baby?” My junkie boyfriend looked at me all sweet with his cock in one hand and his needle in the other. He had just gotten high and I was right behind him, willing to do anything to get that feeling those drugs give me. I got down on my knees and started playing with the furry mutt for some Furry friends phone sex. He was a big boy, and very obedient and eager for my attention. I loved on him as I put a little treat into my pussy to draw him in closer. He started licking it all up and I knew that it was time. My boyfriend was jerking his cock watching the whole thing, watching as I bent over and the furry mutt got into position. He knew what to do, this is his purpose in life to fuck and breed. He fucked me hard and fast, the only way he knows how. My boyfriend was jerking his cock and loved it when he saw his knot stretching my cunt to its limits and being filled to the brim with cum. My boyfriend came almost right away after that, and I asked for my treat.

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