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3 Generation Of Crack Whores

Dirty phone sexA two cock white trash of druggy whore I am. I love it when multiples show up at my trailer door knocking for any one of my crack pimped out holes. I do anything to get that dick and crack and everybody knows it. I grew up being a whore learning from the very best my own crack whore mother. She got me hooked on crack and dick when I was little and did the same to my own little crack whore brat. She loves watching mommy get fucked and joins in all the time. She loves the needle and dick as much as her mom and grandma. When it turns into a fucking orgy with dicks just showing up and staying to take a taste of all our slutty holes it is a good fucking day.


Nasty phonesexToday I was sitting on my back porch watching the electric guys work right past my yard. They had not noticed me yet and I was getting hornier than a dog watching them work. I was wearing a tank top and short shorts. I knew all I had to do was get their attention. I walked right out into my yard and did a little whistle. they turned and looked my way. I unzipped my shorts and pulled them down. I stuck my fingers in my mouth getting them nice and sloppy wet. Those guys had their eyes glued on me and they watch my fingers slide out of my mouth and into my cunt. I went wild finger blasting myself right in front of them. They walked over to me in the yard one shoving his big fat juicy cock into my mouth and the other one shoving his sweet cock into my ass. My fingers still finger blasting away in my own cunt.

My Daughter’s A Great Whore

Live phone sexI needed a dick and a fix up my arm. I called my one dealer and he said not a problem to bring my skanky ass and my daughter’s ass down to his place and I would get exactly what I was looking for. I grabbed my daughter and was down at his place in like fifteen minutes. He had a friend with him and they both wanted my daughters holes for my crack. I offered her up but really she was happy to do this for her mom as long as she got a taste of the crack too. She is a crack whore just like me. I got to watch a great show of my daughter being gang banged I sat there high as a kite finger blasting myself the entire time I was watching.

Many Cocks

Sloppy wet pussy I love having two dicks shoved inside my cunt! I love feeling them rub up against each other when they are pounding deep inside of me. I am so lucky my cunt is so fucking loose. I try to get three dicks in my cunt at once but have not been able to yet. But once I can I will try for four dicks in my cunt at once. I want to see if I can fit ten dicks in my cunt. Imagine ten fucking dicks all in my cunt at the same time pounding away at my cunt. I practice by shoving shampoo bottles, baseball bats, and 2-liter bottles in my cunt. I make a lot of money off my snatch and if I can fit several dicks at once in me my profit margin will triple.

Druggy Trailer Trash

Trashy milfGood evening you kinky men as you know I am Flo The Ho of my trailer park. I am that nasty bitch that wants to fuck and suck my way to being high as a motherfucker. You take care of me keeping me as high as fuck and I will keep your balls drained. I never spend a dime on any drugs my holes pay for it all. There are some that look down on me and call me nothing but white trash. I laugh at them they stress every fucking day. I am stoned every fucking day and I get fucked every fucking day. I may be a trashy no good druggy whore but I got the best fucking life. Way better than their stressful miserable lives.

Golden Piss For Drugs

Druggy pornMy ass has gotten me plenty of free good crack and dope! Especially with those black mother fuckers. They love white druggy trashy whores like me. I am one of those whores that if you dangle a bag of dope or crack in front of my face I am like a puppy dog and will do anything you want just to get that bag. In fact, I will beg you to do whatever you want as long as you give me that sweet bag of mind-altering magic. Leroy this one nigger I know with a huge mother fucker BBC (14-inches) loves to hear me beg for him to piss on me. Leroy will push me on my knees and pull out his BBC. placing it inches from my face. He makes sure I can still see my bag of goodies dangling above me. That is when I know it is time to beg and plead for his golden sweet yummy nectar in my tummy.

Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me

Live phone sexA cock in the stink and a cock in the pink all I am missing is a cock in my face hole. This was a druggy induced fuck fest that lasted for freaking hours. I got me some nice crack rock flowing thru my veins and a wet cunt to match. The minute that crack hit my veins I was jumping on some nice hard cock. I wasted no time in getting exactly what I wanted! I threw a guy down on the floor and shoved my soaked cunt around his cock. Then I started pleading for another cock in my ass. Sal jumped in and slammed his cock in my ass. I can’t enough of that feeling that I feel when I have two cocks sliding in and out of both my holes. Only that thin layer separating the two massive cocks pounding in and out of my sloppy holes.

Drug Whore

White trash phone sexTwo fucking cocks at the same time! I needed my crack in the worst fucking way. I called at least fifteen dealers to bring me some crack. Two of them responded right away and practically showed up at the same time. Well, they both brought a great piece of crack rock with them. And I didn’t want to make either one of them wait for their payments. `Which means this crack whore got a threesome. Hell to the yeah! Both dealers took their turn at all three of my worthless wet whore holes. Ha! They both made sure to leave me their creamy thick deposit in each one of my soaking wet holes. By the time we were all done fucking I was a high creamy filled mess and on cloud fucking nine.

Young And Sweet

Cum eating phone sexThe wee little brat from down the street knocked on my trailer door wanting to sell some cookies for a fundraiser. She looked adorable and so innocent. I didn’t want to buy her cookies but I invited her in for a snack break. She skipped in and sat on my couch. she was making my cunt ache watching her move about. I brought a piece of cake and some milk in for her and sat down next to her. I laced the cake with the date rape drug and I had a huge smile on my face as she ate it all up. I could not wait for the drug to start taking effect. I wanted so bad to feel her young tight cunny in my mouth and taste the sweet juices that come such a young sweet thing.

Skanky White Trash Worthless Whore

Sloppy wet pussyI am what others would call a skanky worthless white trash hoe. I am well known to fuck anybody and furry friends. I laugh at these people making these comments. They think they are hurting my feelings or going to shame me to change my ways. HA! That is what I say to those ass wipes. I love, love, love the comments! Those type of comments makes my cunt soak and throb for dick. And if I can’t find any dick anywhere I will take a tree limb to slam into my cunt. I will find a baseball or a 2-liter bottle to fuck. I will shove anything in my cunt I can fit in there to satisfy my craving for dick.

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