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My Boys Know How To Dominate This Mommy Holes

White trash phone sexMy boys know they can have my holes any time of day they want. They love to gang bang me, dominate me, and pound the shit out of all three of my holes. They love to hold me down and force their cum deep in all three of my holes.  I am not complaining I fucking love it!  Take me off guard force me to the ground.  Tear off my clothes (giggles if I am wearing any.) I love when my boys dominate the shit out of me. Makes my cunt so fucking sloppy wet.  Makes me squirt over and over, until my boys are done filling all three of my holes.  I love the way my boys just push me around between the both of them.  Not caring that I am their mommy.  Only knowing I have three holes for their cocks. And that is all I am to them and every other cock.f them.  Not caring that I am their mommy.  Only knowing I have three holes for their cocks. And that is all I am to them and every other cock.

Do you wanna breed Me And My Little Ones?

Cum dumpsterDo you wanna breed us please? We all want little ones. And we all want to have the same cum for our little ones. We are looking for one Man to breed all of us. We want our little ones to know they all came from the same seed.  Can you be this Man for us?  We do not care what color or race you are.  All we want is a big long cock.  With good strong seed. All our holes are open of course to your cock but make sure you cum deep into our cunts.  We wanna all take the pregnancy test together and end up pregnant together.  So our little ones can come together.  If this sounds like you, please let us have your cum.

Some Crack For Mommy. A New Baby For My Little One.

aFreaky phone sexMy much younger neighbor Danny. Offered me some really good fucking awesome crack to breed my little one. Who is at the perfect age to starting having babies. I was so excited to get this crack. And my little one who is already turning into a great little whore, was excited at the thought of having a baby. She has wanted a baby for a while now. I started Danny off by suckling on his yummy cock to get him nice and rock hard. Then he took a few strokes in my cunt. My little one was watching us as she stripped naked for her babies daddy. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs so wide. Would make any mother proud. Danny took his cock out of my cunt and got on top my little one. Placing his cock at the edge of her cunt and sliding in deeply. Danny moaned very loudly saying “Her cunt is way tighter then your cunt Flo.” Then he slammed her nice young tight cunt with is cock. My little one wrapped her legs around him as he fucked the shit out of cunt. Unloading his gift of seed into her cunt. Coating her cervix. Giving my little one the baby she was wanted for a while. And I? I sat back smoked my crack and watched as Danny fucked the shit out of my little whore.
Flo The Hoe

Masturbating Is Fun, When Waiting For Cock

Phone sex slutsYesterday I needed cock so fucking bad and there was none around to fuck. So I grabbed my dildo and started pounding at my cunt as hard and as fast as I could. I was howling and moaning as my cunt was getting sloppy wet.  My cum squirting across the room.  I still was so fucking horny I could not stop from fucking myself.  I grabbed another dildo of mine and shoved it deep in my ass.  Fucking both my ass and cunt with the dildos.  Awe then I look up and I see Dave standing above me. Jerking off his rock hard cock over me.  I was so excited to see real cock.  I started to beg.  “Please oh baby please fuck me with that cock of yours.”  He was happy to comply as he bent me over the couch and started fucking my ass.  Feeling his cock deep in my ass, I shoved a dildo in my cunt fucking my cunt in sync of Dave fucking my ass.  He left my ass full of his cum and I left a sticky mess on the floor.

My Mouth Then My Little Ones Ass For That Crack

Druggy phone sex My crack dealer Joe came over this morning and said he would give me this big crack rock for my mouth and my little ones ass.   He also said he wanted her spanked by me.  I was happy to get the crack that I went and got my little one and dressed her in the cutest teddy.  I brought her out to Joe and put her on her knees.  In front of him.  spanking her bare ass as she whimpers and cries.  My hand leaving red marks on her ass.  Joe was so hard that he picked my little one up and put her the couch on her stomach.  I crawled over and spread her ass cheeks wide for him.  And with out warning he shoved that cock hard and deep in her ass.  My little one cried out and screamed.  I whispered to her be a good little girl and he will give you his gift of cum.  Joe tore her ass up making her bleed. Made my cunt sloppy fucking wet.  I started rubbing my cunt against the floor.

Crack Whores Together

Druggy phone sexDave and Tom came over earlier today. My friend Martha was over. We were already smoking some crack and fooling around on the couch. So that the little ones and any body walking in could see us. Martha has such a sweet tasting cunt. Martha and I were in the middle of my fucking her with a strap-on. When Dave and Tom walked in. When they saw us fucking on the couch the did not even hesitate to come over with their cocks out. Stroking their nice cocks. Martha and I was delighted to see them and their cocks getting hard for our holes. I pulled the strap-on out of her soaking wet cunt and we both got on our knees. Martha and I knew that the rest of the day was gonna be a good one for us. Today was such a turn on for both Martha and I. She wanted me to tell you all about the fun day we had. But for now Martha and I are ready for round two. Come join us if you want baby. The more cocks the merrier.

Play Time With My Friends

Gangbang whore Linda and Wayne came over today. They are good friends of mine. When we get together we love to play with each other for hours. They bring the crack I bring the coke. And it is one big orgy for hours. We snort our coke, smoke our crack. And cum cum cum. Linda and I always start out first. I love the way her cunt taste in my mouth. Wayne always watches for a bit first jerking off. Then when his big black cock is rock hard he joins in. Playing with the both of us.  Letting us both play on his rock hard cock.  I love It when he fucks Linda’s ass and I am munching on her cunt.  When Wayne makes Linda cum I get to eat that cum of hers.  And I fucking love it so much. That sweet tasting cum.


Trashy milfNeed a whore? Grab some crack and come on over. I will give you any hole for that crack. The smell of crack makes my cunt soaking sloppy wet. So grab that crack and head my way. My holes will take your rock hard cock and drain you dry. Bring your friends. Bring your furry friends. I love to smoke my crack and get fucked for many hours. I will do any thing for that crack.  Piss on my crack whore body.  Let me taste your piss in my mouth.  Let me fuck your furry friend as you shove your cock deep in my throat.  Gagging and chocking me.  Make a video of the whore who will do anything for crack to show all your friends.  I love my crack!

Dirty Skanky Whore Flo

Anal sex whoreThe other day I was called a dirty skanky druggie whore. I thought it was great. I am so happy that everybody knows my holes are always open and willing to do anything. They think they are hurting my feelings by calling me such names. But I take it as a compliment! That is right girls and boys I will do anything and everything with any cock. Big cocks, little cocks, young cocks, furry cocks, married cocks, single cocks,  I am glad it pisses the women off too.. Knowing I will not turn their men away.  And every hole is open anytime.  My favorite is when I am fucking one cock and another cock shows up and they join in and it becomes a gang bang on me Flo the hoe.

Drugs for my little brats holes

Cum eating phone sexGeorge and Sam came over with some crack, and angel dust. They said I could have both. But after they got done with the hole in my mouth. They both got to have my little brats holes all three of them. I jumped at the chance and went in and got my little brat. Brought her out to living room and stripped her naked. Putting her on her knees and told her to watch mommy. She was curious and looked very interested as George and Sam had a sword fight in my mouth. She watched as they cum in my mouth and on my tits. When they were done with my hole in my mouth. They walked over to my little brat and started to play with her young tight holes. Running their hands over her young body. I sat back and watched smoking the crack and playing with myself as they had their way with her.

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