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Cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex is only for the trashiest of the trashiest. The girls like me that are die-hard cum whores. I love nothing more than being a cum slut whore. Nothing tells me that I have done my job better than a hugeCum eating phone sex load to the back of my throat. Don’t waste your cum on anything except for this mouth! That salty protein-packed treat gets me going, I am more excited than ever to do what I am supposed to do. I am always a good obedient bitch that does as she is told, swallowing load after load. I love gangbangs because I always get to swallow at least 10 loads of cum. I play with it and show off as I eat it all up guys love that shit. They love to see me be a downright nasty bitch, begging and begging for another load to the back of my whore throat. I am such a fucking cum eating slut!

Anal sex whore

Anal sex whoreYou’re probably sick of hearing about what an Anal sex whore I am, but my trashy ass can’t help it! I’m truly obsessed with my ass getting fucked, and with getting to taste it on his cock. If I don’t have a booty call arranged for the night I just go to the bar and pick up some guy that I think will treat me real nasty. I require that he has a huge monster cock so this shit hole will be gaping wide open once he’s done with me. I love bending over after my hole has been fucked raw so I can see the huge load of warm sticky cum dripping out. That white cream belongs in there and it only makes me want more! I’m an anal addict you could say! I will beg and beg for my ass to be fucked, beg to taste my ass and my shit on his cock, nothing compares. I can’t think of anything that turns me on more than a hardcore ass fucking.

Period phone sex

Period phone sexPeriod phone sex is only for the nastiest of the nastiest. The kind of guys that get turned on by fucking my bloody cunt, the kind of guys that gets off on watching me clean all the period blood that’s dripping off their throbbing thick cock. It’s not for everyone, but tasting myself like that, and being degraded in such a personal matter gets me really going. I suck the blood off that cock like it’s my last meal and bend back over to take another round of fucking in the red pussy that’s mixed already with creamy white cum. I love looking in the mirror as I get fucked, the white and red is so bold as that cock goes in and out. Soon it will be even more bloody, and even more creamy white. A bloody cream pie I soon will be! And I get to taste every bit of it as he moans and groans in pleasure watching me be such a nasty bitch, naturally with no effort at all this is all me!

Fisting phone sex

Fisting phone sex“You ever been fisted before?” I shook my head. I had just turned only enough to drink alcohol at that time, long ago. That was the last day I could say no to Fisting phone sex. After that day, this cunt was constantly being fisted. He already had his cock in me, so when I felt him slide a finger in I didn’t think much of it. I started to feel more pressure tho as he moved it up to two fingers and his cock in my pussy. At this point, I was starting to squirm worried he’d try to but his third finger into me. The thought of three fingers and his cock was terrifying, however as scared as I was my cunt was growing wetter and wetter by the minute. He tried to push the third finger in but I was too tight and I was moving around too much. He held me in place so he could try to force it all in, and it wouldn’t go. Before I knew it he was taking his cock out so quickly, and at the same time plunging his fist deep into my cunt. I felt torn, ripped wide open by his big hand in me. I was screaming hysterically but he used his hand like it was his cock, fucking me ruthlessly. Ever since then I haven’t been the same!

Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpsterWanna know something most people don’t? I lost my ass virginity before my pussy and ever since then I’ve been addicted to taking cock in my shit hole. I am 100% obsessed with being a total Anal cum dumpster! Load after load being dumped into my ass as I beg for more and more. Nothing compares! I was young when I had my first cock in there, it was my first little boyfriend. He kept pressuring me to let him take my V-card but I wouldn’t give it to him. But eventually, we agreed on my ass. I was really scared it was going to hurt because his dick was so big and I wasn’t wrong. As he forced his cock into my ass I started to back out on it. But he wasn’t having that, he’d been waiting too long to fuck me and he was going to take what he felt like he owned. I screamed as he pounded away, which only turned him on more and he shoved it as deep as he could in. Blowing his load into my tight ass, turning me into the addict I am.

Gangbang whore

Gangbang whore He slapped me across my face before shoving his cock into my mouth, his friend was tightening the nipples clamps they’d attached to a leash to the tree in front of me. Another one of them was sliding his cock into my pussy and another one into my ass. The camera guy was egging everyone on, with his cock out and a sadistic tone. He forced the other guy’s cock further down my throat screaming at me to take it “you fucking dumb Gangbang whore!” I was helpless, not a thing I could do. I felt the pressure in my ass increase. I started to resist some more but it pulled my nipples, even more, the way they had me positioned. I know they did this on purpose, they want me to hurt if I decide to fight back. It doesn’t take me long to figure out they are forcing two big cocks into my ass. How is this even possible? I feel like I am being literally ripped apart! I am screaming around the cock in my mouth. Not a damn thing I can do.

BBC phone sex

BBC phone sexFuck there is literally nothing like BBC phone sex! I love me some big fucking nigger cock! Nothing gets me more turned on, no cock is bigger or better than a black man’s cock. Black guys love me, I am a white girl so that’s a start! I also am trash, never say no to a man that wants this pussy. Who am I to deny them the pleasure of wrecking this fucking hole, I personally love a big black cock gangbang as many nigger dicks as possible destroying me, degrading me. It’s really hard to take so many big black cocks at once, they have one in each hand, and all three holes too but I manage! If I ever am fucking a cock that isn’t dark brown I am comparing it to the previous cocks I’ve had. Black men are the only men with real cocks. Monster cocks, the biggest and best you can get. And nothing makes me feel dirtier.

Trailer trash whore

Trailer trash whoreHe spits on me this time it wasn’t his snot he spits on me but his dip. His friends laughed and I stifled a gag as he used his boot to push me around on the ground. “Listen you Trailer trash whore, clean this shit up before I fucking make you wish you were dead.” He smashed my face into the ground ordering me to clean up the dip spit with my mouth, then clean his shoes with my mouth, followed by his cock, and his ass. He kept drinking the whole time, and he did a line or two every once in a while. He had a wand to shock me with as well as a collar, a leash, nipples clamps and plenty of pent up anger. Eventually, he got so drunk while he was fucking me in the ass he broke a beer bottle on my head, making my blood pour out. I was in so much pain, felt like I was going to pass out and begging for him to show some kind of mercy but me whining only pissed him off more. He grabbed a cord and wrapped it around my neck, he was pulling me back as he fucked me, choking the life out of me and screaming at me that he told me to shut the fuck up whore. That’s the last thing I remember.

Flo the hoe’s BBC sex stories

BBC sex storiesTonight I have some BBC sex stories on my mind. I think I should call one of these massively hung cocks over to destroy my ass and cunt. I’ve never seen a cock bigger than a big black cock. They are clearly superior in every way. I love BBC because they always leave me absolutely gaping wide open after a proper fucking. I feel so used up afterward, and during I can literally feel my cunt stretching and doing it’s best to take such a big fucking cock. He will make me beg for it. And when he is about to cum he will make me beg for his nigger cum. Sometimes he blows a load all over my face Other times I get a huge creampie in my cunt and shithole. I always beg for more and more of that real man cum and dick, and sometimes I get what I want and end up leaving with my holes destroyed. They are fucked wide open, gapping and dripping warm thick cum. I am useless after some BBC and I will always be a whore for the best cock there is for a trashy bitch like me.

Ass Fucking For The Line

Anal sex whore“You want another line babe?” he had the blow lined up the straw in hand and cock already out. I knew the drill. If I wanted to get high I had to put in the work. I dropped to my knees and began sucking his cock hard and fast. I know he can’t cum because he’s geeking. He has done so much blow he could never cum. But he wants to see me get dirty and make a show of pleasing him. He is so high he starts slapping me around and holding my throat while he fucks my mouth. I am just letting him do whatever he wants so I can get my fix. Finally, he lets me take my line but he is far from done with me. He bends me over not even lubing up my ass before he shoves his throbbing cock right into my waiting ass. He is pulling my hair back as he slams into me. His balls slapping the back of my ass as I moan and scream on his cock. Anything to get high right?

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