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Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me

Live phone sexA cock in the stink and a cock in the pink all I am missing is a cock in my face hole. This was a druggy induced fuck fest that lasted for freaking hours. I got me some nice crack rock flowing thru my veins and a wet cunt to match. The minute that crack hit my veins I was jumping on some nice hard cock. I wasted no time in getting exactly what I wanted! I threw a guy down on the floor and shoved my soaked cunt around his cock. Then I started pleading for another cock in my ass. Sal jumped in and slammed his cock in my ass. I can’t enough of that feeling that I feel when I have two cocks sliding in and out of both my holes. Only that thin layer separating the two massive cocks pounding in and out of my sloppy holes.

Drug Whore

White trash phone sexTwo fucking cocks at the same time! I needed my crack in the worst fucking way. I called at least fifteen dealers to bring me some crack. Two of them responded right away and practically showed up at the same time. Well, they both brought a great piece of crack rock with them. And I didn’t want to make either one of them wait for their payments. `Which means this crack whore got a threesome. Hell to the yeah! Both dealers took their turn at all three of my worthless wet whore holes. Ha! They both made sure to leave me their creamy thick deposit in each one of my soaking wet holes. By the time we were all done fucking I was a high creamy filled mess and on cloud fucking nine.

Young And Sweet

Cum eating phone sexThe wee little brat from down the street knocked on my trailer door wanting to sell some cookies for a fundraiser. She looked adorable and so innocent. I didn’t want to buy her cookies but I invited her in for a snack break. She skipped in and sat on my couch. she was making my cunt ache watching her move about. I brought a piece of cake and some milk in for her and sat down next to her. I laced the cake with the date rape drug and I had a huge smile on my face as she ate it all up. I could not wait for the drug to start taking effect. I wanted so bad to feel her young tight cunny in my mouth and taste the sweet juices that come such a young sweet thing.

Skanky White Trash Worthless Whore

Sloppy wet pussyI am what others would call a skanky worthless white trash hoe. I am well known to fuck anybody and furry friends. I laugh at these people making these comments. They think they are hurting my feelings or going to shame me to change my ways. HA! That is what I say to those ass wipes. I love, love, love the comments! Those type of comments makes my cunt soak and throb for dick. And if I can’t find any dick anywhere I will take a tree limb to slam into my cunt. I will find a baseball or a 2-liter bottle to fuck. I will shove anything in my cunt I can fit in there to satisfy my craving for dick.

Dope Sick

Druggy phone sexI was very dope sick a few days ago. I had the shakes, throwing up, and I could not get off the couch. My son is so sweet he hated seeing his hoe of a mother all dope sick. Even if one of my dealers did make an appearance. I was so fucked up I wouldn’t be able to fuck him for my shit. My son did me a huge favor and called one of my dealers who likes fucking my son’s ass more than any of skanky holes. I didn’t know what was going on into my dealer showed up at the trailer. That is when he told me my son offered his ass to him for a bundle of dope for me. Isn’t that the sweetest thing you have ever heard of? I have never been more proud of my son.

White Trash

BBC phone sexMy one dealer is this nigger with a humongous BBC. He never wants money from me just my white druggie holes. My holes are pretty fucking loose, I have done a lot of “hide the salami” in my years. But his BBC I can feel him hitting my walls everywhere! He likes skanky addicts like me. He never has to worry about getting laid with so many of us trashy whores around. I see him easily three times a week. He is not a stingy dealer either he gives me more than my holes are worth. But he says I work extra hard for the extra bit. I try my best to satisfy all my dealers. Giving them all the very best of all three of my slutty holes.

Teach Her A Lesson

White trash phone sex My neighbor’s wife came over to my trailer to beat the shit out of me because she found out her man and I have been fucking for some time now. I laughed in her as she called me a hoe. That pissed her off and she took a swung at me. Again I laughed at her. I get hit by men just for their pleasure. Her puny sissy punch was nothing. I grabbed her by the hair and kneed her in the gut, dragging her across the room. I don’t know what this bitch was thinking if she would take care of her man he wouldn’t be coming to me. I was going to teach her a lesson on how to take care of her man. I threw my clothes off and sat right on her face. Smoothering her, grinding my cunt all over her face. Her face was wet in my juices. She was gasping and trying to push me off her. I told her I wasn’t going anywhere into I fucking squirted all over her prude bitch face.

Prude Bitch

Nasty phonesex My son brought home his girlfriend she was a virgin and a prude. My son was sick of her not giving it up he wanted me to help him loosen her up. When they showed up at the trailer I was miss prim and proper mom and offered her an ice tea. Little did she know I had slipped some roofies into her drink. That little prude bitch will spread her legs for my son! She had no idea that tonight she was going to be a 3 hole whore to my son and his mama. We could tell she was feeling the effect and we directed that prude bitch to my bedroom. She stumbled and fell onto my bed. I stripped her clothes off of her body. she had a cute tight body and I know my son and I will enjoy every inch of her sweet body.


Live phone sexI rather be called a whore than a slut. I slut gets nothing when she spreads her legs wide and opens her holes for cock. I get things, drugs, and money. I will whore myself out for the littlest things. My little brats are up for use too. You want a young cunny to fuck? or about a boy with a tight asshole and a wet mouth. I have 4 spawns that you can have for just the price. I have been teaching them ever since they were wee ones. They will not disappoint! And neither will their whore of a mother me. You can have us individually, in groups, or all at once. The night is young and the party has just begun.

Next Door Little Tyke Neighbor

Dirty phone sexI did not know the little brat from next door was peering thru my window watching me getting fucked. He was a small one and could sneak under my bedroom window. He had been doing it for a while, and the only reason I found out was that this time he had slipped and knocked over the rake resting up against my trailer. The guy I was with and I both looked and saw him staring at us. We both chuckled and continued with what we were doing. We were not going to stop on his account. When I looked back out the window his little blue eyes were still fixated on us fucking. I waved him in but he was too scared. I think he thought he was going to get in trouble. Next time I see that brat outside playing I will have to invite him in for cookies and pussy.

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