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Gangbang With A Furry Friend

White trash phone sexI wanna fuck you and your furry friend. I wanna have you both gangbang. I wanna have both your cum fill my tummy. And make my cunt and ass leak for hours after your both done with me. I want your furry friend fucking my ass as you fuck my mouth. Then you fuck my cunt and I suck his dick! And this can go on for hours and hours. I love the feel of the nails digging into my back. And the way I am mounted. Maybe you would video tape it for me so I can add it to my online collection. Would you allow me the pleasure of fucking you and your furry friend? Would you both fuck me like the whore I love to be?

Crack Rock

Cheap Phone SexI got 3 crack rocks the other day from 3 different dealers. At separate times in the same day. It was freaking awesome! I would be smoking on one crack rock and then another dealer would show up. I would drain the balls and get another rock just for me. It was like a parade of crack and cock. By the time The 3 dealers were done with me I was so fucking high. I went into my one daughters room and started fucking the shit out of her. I could not help myself is she is the younger of the 2 and has a very nice cunny. I shoved 2 fingers in her and it felt amazing. And I shoved her face into my cunt and she sucked me until I squirted in her mouth. When she was done pleasing mommy I gave her some crack to smoke.

Bill Again

White trash phone sexI know I just did a blog about Bill, But this man keeps surprising the hell out of me. He came over again today to fuck me. There was really no hello how are you conversation. He came in and went straight for stripping off the little clothes I had one. Pushed me on my knees and shoved his cock in my mouth. As he was mouth fucking me, he let me know that the bitch 5 trailer down was a tighter whore then I was. But she was not the quality of whore I was. Pretty sweet compliment for a gal my age. I have had all sorts of stretching objects in my cunt plus hundreds and hundreds of cocks. So how could I possibly be as tight as her.

White Trash Phone Sex

Sloppy wet pussyMany years ago when I lived in another trailer park when I was a wee one. There was another wee one living in the same trailer park. His name was Bill. He was a few years younger than me and I never paid him no mind. I mean why would I want to hang out with someone younger. Well fast forward many years later to a different trailer park. Where I am the biggest trailer trash whore in this park! Well Mr Bill just got out of prison for stabbing someone in a parking lot and moved into my trailer park. He hit me up right away, once he realized I lived so close only 3 trailers down. And I guess news travels fast about me the whore of the trailer park. Or maybe he remembers from when we were younger. Either way it did not matter. He came walking over and knocked on my door. I let him in happy to see him after all this time. I gave him a big hug and could feel his cock bulging thru his pants. He grabbed me by the back of my head and put me on my knees. Ordering me to open his pants and suck his cock. I obeyed as quickly as I could. He used my hair to fuck my mouth with. I was so impressed by his behavior. Taking his hand twisting it in my hair and putting me on all fours. Keeping his cock head at my cunt hole, telling me to push back and fuck on his cock. Which I did, his hand still tightly in my hair. I moaned and groaned loudly. He was grinding his cock inside me making me squirt hard. I must admit I am impressed by his ability to fuck. Never thought of little billy would be able to rock my world. Now I crave that cock. I will be his whore any day of the week.

Making My Rounds

Nasty phonesex Whenever I am horny and there is no right on the spot cock for me to fuck. I know exactly what I have to do. I walk around the trailer park in just a bikini and nothing more. And the smaller the better. I will pretend to bend over to look at some pretty flowers. Or lean up against a tree. Giggles ya know being a little cock tease when I know I have eyes on me. I will do this for about an half hour. Then slowly walk back to my trailer. And without fail within 15 minutes or so I will have knocks at the door. And yes by that time I am so ready for some cock that I answer the door naked and ready to fuck.

Crack For Head

Live phone sexGiving head for crack. He dangled a piece of crack rock in front of my face. Then put me down on my knees and opened his pants. I was trance on the crack rock. Until I saw his cock inches away from my mouth. Then all I could think about was getting that cock in my mouth. I parted my face lips and stuck out my tongue. Trying to reach for that cock. He grabbed my head by the back of the hair and shoved my face on his cock. Oo. His cock was so fucking tasty I could not believe the sweet taste coming from his precum. I gagged as he face fucked me. My cunt was so sloppy wet I could not help myself I had to finger blast myself

What A Druggy Night

Freaky phone sexI do not even remember posing for this picture.  You can see it in my eyes.  I do not remember this man’s dick I was sucking.  I do remember a few guys showing with some dust and crack.  And then the rest the of the night was a blur.  I remember bits and pieces but not a whole lot.  Like I remember seeing my daughter being ass fucked and my son sucking some dick.  But like I said all a blur.  A messed up movie in my head.  I remember a furry friend making appearance licking peanut butter of my sloppy cunt.  I know the next morning my ass and cunt were torn up.  And I felt a complete feeling of satisfaction.

2 Crack Rocks

Gangbang whore One of my crack dealers came over and offered me 2 crack rocks for my daughter and my son. I asked him if I would be able to watch and he said that not only can I watch but I could also help out where help was needed. Freaking hot huh? I was all for it. I brought my daughter, son, and my dealer into my bedroom. I stripped my daughter and son down playing and fondling with their bodies. I spread my daughter’s cunny lips wide open. And my son’s ass cheeks. Putting them both on display. Fingering both holes. Showing my dealer how easily these holes are penetrated. I could see his pecker getting rock hard. Watching him unzip his pants for some nice tight holes. He went for my daughter first then ravished my son. He fucked them both for hours. While I watched and got high.

Meat In The Middle

Live phone sexI love being the meat in the middle of a pecker sandwich. DP my holes. You know what a trailer park whore I am. Hell everybody I am not quiet about it. You can tell I am enjoying. See how I pose for the camera? I fucking love this shit and I want the world to know! I love being blasted all over the internet. My naked whore body for all to see and jerk off too. I like that women know I will fuck their man no matter what. I have no problem with married cock. I like getting 2 peckers at once. I like being thrown between the both of them. Tossed about and filled up with all that jizz.

Flo Hookers For Hire

Live phone sexI am a 3 hole no limit whore for hire. My payment some great fucking crack please! I promise to be a good cum guzzling slut for your. If you are willing to give me the chance, and a that rock that I am so desperately looking for. You will not be a disappointed. I will come dressed any
way you wish or not dressed at all. Smirks. The bigger and better quality of that crack. The more wetter I get. The more horner I get. The more I just wanna fuck in the most strangest postition and get kinker and kinkeir. I can only imagine the things you would do to me. As I crawl over to you with my tongue hanging out panting. Watching me as I get closer and closer. Kneeling before you bending down kissing your feet. High on that crack I am cumming just by licking and kissing on your tasty feet. My cunt humps the air. As I crave cock in my holes. You can see the desperation in my eyes. I beg I feel like I am screaming for your cock. But the crack has me so fucked up I know I am slurring. But you can still understand what I am trying to say. That I am still trying to plead for your cock. So how high would you get me. What crazy demented things would you do to me. Would you piss in me? Fuck me ass to mouth? Beat me until I was raw? Fuck every hole with your cock and fist? I wanna fuck you all night long. I wanna wake up the next day with your cum leaking of my cunt and ass. And my stomach is filled full of your seed. Is there anything I have not mentioned that you would love to do to me? I am up for anything!

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