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Yesterday my twenty year old neighbor came over to smoke crack with me.  I was all excited being out of crack so I was glad to take a hit of his pipe.  After I took the first hit i unzipped his pants to Suck on his hard rock Cock for bringing over the crack.  Hearing him take that hit as I taste his cock in my mouth. sliding my tongue over his slit moaning taking my cunt and grinding it against the floor his cock taste so good in my wet sloppy mouth. I release his cock to take another big  hit of the pipe, looking into his eyes as he looks down at my whore body . Keeping the hit in my mouth I shove his cock deep in my mouth again exhaling on his cock as drool runs out my mouth.  Feeling my chin hit his balls my nose hitting his stomach I gag as I thrust up and down on his nine inch cock.


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I remember one time I woke up so wet and horney that I immediately put my dildo in my cunt shoving the dildo in and out.  I must of been loud cause my son came walking in to see what I was doing. I looked up and saw him watching me fuck myself hard in my cunt .  my eyes widen I start to beg him come on hunny mommy needs some young cock.  Giggles he did not hesitate  he immediately pulled down his pants releasing his huge cock.  Taking the dildo out of my cunt he climbs on top and slides his cock deep in my cunt.  I moan at the size of it as he starts to fucks his mommy hard.  Screaming out begging for more, feeling him pull out of me and thrusting hard fast with out warining deep in my ass. I gasp and moan out loudly my thighs were soaked with my juices.   Every time I think of this it makes me so sloppy wet.  well off to smoke some crack.  

10 Guys and Me

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Last night was a great night my old twat got fucked by guys half my age I love young cock!!Their cocks made me cum over and over again. I had every hole filed and loved it, at one point my cunt, mouth, ass and both hands were filled with nice young cock.  I had cum in my hair on my tits , stomach, thighs, and face.  They fucked me raw and hard for hours.  I am soaked  all over again just thinking about it.  Then when they were all done with me I saw some cum on the floor and lapped it up like a dog bitch in heat They all started laughing at me calling me a old horny dirty cunt. I loved every moment of it and cant wait for that to happen again!