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Druggy phone sex I got a great reputation that even when I am not looking for my crack it comes to me. Men just wanting to get laid know to go to “Flo the crack ho!” Eric stopped in and threw a little bag at me. I saw it was a really nice piece of rock it almost shimmered. This man deserved more than just my whore holes he was getting my daughters tight holes too. She is young and her curves are tight. She is a cute thing and the boys are all buzzing around her. I don’t let her fuck around with those young bucks tho. I am turning her into a crack whore and only letting grown men have her tight young holes. Those young men can’t offer her anything but quick dick.

Lame Fuck For Crack

Druggy phone sexI really will do anything for my crack rock. When my pipe is empty I grow desperate looking for more. Gary is the punk next door and one of the few men on earth I hate fucking. But when I am out I am desperate and look for it anywhere I can. Gary has a quick dick fucking him is so lame to a crack whore like me. But when he is three pumps in and cumming I get annoyed. I shouldn’t complain it is easy crack but I much rather get a dick that will let this old crack whore cum and get the crack. He is so lame he does not pull my hair or whip me. Any decent man knows a crack whore does not deserve fucking respect.

Drug Strung Out Body

Brett just loves my drug strung outSloppy wet pussy body. He says drug addict milf like me are the hottest whores around. He says crack whores like me will do anything for the ittiest bittiest piece of crack. And he is a hundred percent right. You dangle a little crack in my face and I am on all fours panting and begging like a dog. “Yes, yes take my ass!” Or ” Yes make me your little cum bitch!” Anything to get that crack from your hands to my vein in my arm. I have drank piss and eaten shit for the tiniest piece of crack. I remember crawling around outside screaming “I am a whore a skanky whore.” Just to get me some crack. anything for that high.

Crack Whore Bitch Needs A Fix

live phone sexI woke up this morning and the first thing I did was go to my stash box like I always do and it was emptied my two crack whore daughters must of been in here and stole my shit. They have done it to me in the past. Fucking little bitches now I have to whore myself out and quick. I can’t start my fucking day without getting my fucking fix. Fortunate for me the closest dealer to me is right next door. I called him over and over into he picked up his damn phone. I needed my fix and I don’t give a shit what he was doing. He finally answered and he was piss but I asked for my usual for the pay which was my mouth around his cock. He was annoyed and so he was like no fuck you. Your a dirty ho anyway and your mouth bores me. This fucker made me beg and plead for his dick, dumped two loads in my mouth and left me the tiniest little piece of crack rock. I couldn’t say anything beggers can’t be choosers. But man I was fuming.

Milf Lot Lizard

Trashy milfWhen I am not fucking to get my crack from my dealers I am usually at the truck stop being a lot lizard. Truckers are easy pickings to make a quick twenty bucks. Most are married and on the road too many long lonely days. They are in a hurry and just looking to get a quick cheap happy ending. These young lot lizards are charging a small fortune for their tight little cunts. I am well over forty years old my holes are a lot looser than these young bitches. But my cheap holes still bring in more money than the young ones. I have been fucking since I was a teenager and can get a man off very quickly. I got moves that these girls have no clue about and only dream about. Maybe one day they will be as good as a trashy milf fuck like me but into then I still wipe the floor with these little bitches.

Crack Whores

Live phone sex Druggy phone sex Hadley is a great whore but before I started guiding her she was giving it up for free. Can you believe that shit for free! She does not do that any more thanks to me. Like I said she is a great whore but a young stupid whore. I told her the more dicks she got in her the more crack, money, and items you will get from these men. Now that smart bitch doesn’t spread her legs unless she is getting something in return. I took her under my wing fine-tuned a few things about her and bam the girl is a natural born pro. She is so smart too she copies what I do to get the max of what we can out of these horny men. I told her next time she is over to bring her nephew and niece. We will triple our profit.

Crack Whore

Druggy phone sexI love whoring out my little bitches. they are innocent young adorable little girls. They watch me all the time whore myself out to get the things I want and need to get. Just the other day I was blowing the neighbor for a piece of crack and my girls were so interested in what I was doing. Gary offered me twice as much crack to have my little bitches sweet young mouths in his cock. He was not even finished with the sentence and I already had my girls licking up and down his shaft one on each side of his dick. I told them to lick him like he was a tasty lollipop. Gary’s precum was squirting out the top and Jane my littlest one went for it first making Mary very jealous. I laughed at her and told her first cum first served but not to worry I am sure there would be plenty left for her.

Crack Whore Bitch

Cum dumpsterMy dealer was fighting bad with his bitch and got put in jail for a few days. I offered my trailer up for a few days into he figured out where he was going. He took me up on my offer. Giggles, I knew he would. It is a great deal for both of us. He gets fucked and I get to suck on that glass dick any fucking time we want. His bitch is calling crying her eyes out and apologizing begging him to come back. Well duh, the stupid crack whore bitch wants him back. He paid all the bills and she had an unlimited supply to crack. Now this crack whore has it! She crying on the phone and I am sucking his dick and smoking her crack.

Druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sexWhen I am craving my crack there is no lengths I will not go to get it. Even pimping out my little young daughters. And that is exactly what I did last Thursday night. I called about five of my crack buddies and two of them showed up. I right away snatched the crack out of their hands and sucked on that glass dick. They all know I have to get high first before anything happens. I had a nice buzz going on and I called out my daughters. they come prancing out to where I am at giggling at the men. They have been my crack whores plenty of times before they know what they have to do for mommy.

Crack Whore

Druggy phone sex The worst part of running out of crack is I run around the house like a mad crazy woman looking for more. And I get on the phone and dial every dealer I know to bring me more. The best part of running out of crack is when get multiple of my dealers show up at once or back to back. I only pay for my crack with my cunt, ass, or mouth and they all know it. They show up with my crack in one hand and their hard cock out in the other hand. They are not shy in front of each other about getting payment. Lots of times when I make my calls for crack it turns into a fucking parade.

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