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Druggy porn

Druggy porn “Would you look at that tsk tsk tsk.” He looks down on me giving me a hard quick punch to my side. “Come on over guys we’ve got ourselves another addict for some druggy porn!” He motioned for the rest of the group to come over as I lay on the ground shaking from withdrawals. They all circled around me but I could barely focus. I could only think about getting high. The leader of the group dragged me to my knees by my hair before asking me what my drug of choice is. I was feigning for some ‘boy’ at that time and they just happened to have it on hand. I was more awake then, starting to beg for just one hit of that sweet H shit. That’s all it took for me to start groveling at their feet and whining that I would do anything at all to get high. They already know this but they’re going to make me work for it nothing I can do about it either. They ordered me to open my mouth and surrounded me in a circle. All at once they start pissing all over me then begin finishing off their piss by using my mouth to swallow the very last drops. I don’t fight or whine or do anything I’m not supposed to do. I’ll do whatever I have to get numb from my dearest friend, heroin.

Live phone sex

Live phone sex “You nasty fucking cunt!” He shoves my face into the dirt, making sure it is open and I am getting mouthfuls of dirt down my throat. He is even holding my nose as I choke and choke. I am dying on the sand he is making me breathe in, but he doesn’t want to end me there. The fun for him has only gotten started. He stops in time to let me catch my breath before dragging me over to a giant bucket of water. “Die bitch.” He whispers in my ear as he shoves me underwater. I am panicking, flailing around desperately as he holds me down and as everything starts to fade into blackness. The end is near. I wake up and I am tied with my hands above me, as I hang there I try to remember what happens. I don’t have enough time alone before he is back. ”Did you really think I would let you go out that easy you fucking stupid whore?” He slaps me across my face. But instead of stopping he just keeps hitting me, beating me over and over as I pour blood. He is degrading me, telling me I am about to die like the whore I am. And this time I think he’s right.

Trashy milf

Trashy milf My eyes were swollen I could not even open them. I could not even tell you how many days I had been down here. He’d been beating me and fucking me non-stop for days. Making sure this is something I will never forget. This would be the last time I would ever say no to him. I had not wanted to have my ass fucked, it was so raw and sore from the brutal ass fucking I had already been getting from him and his friends. But he was furious that I denied him, making sure I never would do that again. He has my ass bleeding now, he’s fucking it so much, he even got to fist my ass. I am destroyed. My crying only has turned him on more. I feel like a pathetic fucking whore, and I guess I am one. He’s been beating me till I pass out as he fucks me. Waking me up with his cock in my mouth making sure I choke on it real good. I hope I survive this, it’s all I can think.

Furry friends phone sex

Furry friends phone sex I remember when I was first being forced to learn about my new life. I remember how I thought I was better than this, how I would never enjoy these things I was being forced to do. Well, you see I’ve mentioned lots of Furry friends phone sex play but I have more furry friends that I have played with. There are other four-legged creatures for me and my favorite being the one that uses a saddle and ya know have special shoes for their feet. Those are the most magnificent creatures, and I have to have one of them fuck me. My owner had trained this one to be like this, to fuck on command so I was tied down because they don’t want me to move. They want me to take that big massive cock and get my cunt to levels it has never seen before. Nothing is bigger than this kind of cock, it’s huge and it’s only getting bigger. It grows and grows in me as it cums in me. I have never had such a feeling in me, nothing would ever compare.

Furry friends phone sex

Furry friends phone sex“You would do it for me, wouldn’t you baby?” My junkie boyfriend looked at me all sweet with his cock in one hand and his needle in the other. He had just gotten high and I was right behind him, willing to do anything to get that feeling those drugs give me. I got down on my knees and started playing with the furry mutt for some Furry friends phone sex. He was a big boy, and very obedient and eager for my attention. I loved on him as I put a little treat into my pussy to draw him in closer. He started licking it all up and I knew that it was time. My boyfriend was jerking his cock watching the whole thing, watching as I bent over and the furry mutt got into position. He knew what to do, this is his purpose in life to fuck and breed. He fucked me hard and fast, the only way he knows how. My boyfriend was jerking his cock and loved it when he saw his knot stretching my cunt to its limits and being filled to the brim with cum. My boyfriend came almost right away after that, and I asked for my treat.

2 Girl phone sex

2 Girl phone sexShemale phone sexYou would think that I met Henrietta from 2 Girl phone sex, but that’s just something we do together now. I actually met her through a complete sex slave trade where my master sold me to her to use as she pleased. She scared me so much at first, she was so dominant and had tons of experience using and abusing holes. She had a cock bigger than most men and she made sure I knew all about it. She broke me in for weeks to make sure she wouldn’t have to ‘get rid of me’ whatever that means. I was stuck with her cock shoved down my throat, forced to not breathe as she made me blackout on her dick. I would come to when she’d be forcing it into my ass or my pussy with no lube at all. She stretched me out, told me this was all I was good for and blew load after load inside of me. She even woke me up fucking me for weeks and weeks and kept me tied up and naked at her disposal. I learned to love it. I cannot lie, she’s a beautiful and in charge tranny and I have since been mesmerized by her in every way.

Gangbang whore

Gangbang whore“Don’t get too cocky bitch” he wrapped another layer of duct tape around my mouth. I was bound by ropes, zip ties, and duct tape. They let me see them and that’s what scared me the most. I had no idea where I was, or how I got there even. I woke up like this and no one has explained anything. It’s a big van and it feels like it’s been forever, but finally, we arrive. They carry me through the woods into parts that no civilization would be for miles and miles. I was so scared, and soon saw a small little house, some trees that had all types of devices on them, video cameras and more men. I knew this was some sick movie they were making, they needed it to be real, so that’s why I am here. Right away when I get to the bottom of the hill I get slapped to the ground, they kick me and spit on me, they get all my ropes off and duct tape. They drag me to this machine that forces my head through one and my arms in the others and on the ground my feet spread and locked in. They do it so quickly it is clear that they’ve done this before. I am bleeding, bruised and exhausted. The leader comes up to me and shoves his cock into my mouth in front of everyone, as deep as he humanly can. Eventually, he lets me breathe and says I must eat, shower and rest so tomorrow the real fun begins. To be continued.

Golden showers phone sex

Golden showers phone sexI am a nasty fucking bitch. Do you think you can handle it? I am the girl every guy calls for Golden showers phone sex. They just fucking love to piss all over me, degrade me and humiliate me. But some of them also like to drink my warm hot piss and even other hot bodily fluids if you know what I mean. I make sure to get ready for this all day. Eating and drinking things that are going to basically go right thru me. I have to hold my shit and piss though, I have to wait till he is ready to take my piss in his mouth! He wants the biggest warm piss as possible in his mouth, the first much-awaited golden piss of the day. Then there are the guys that will slap me around, make me clean the toilet with my tongue, force me to eat their dirty ass and lick their nasty balls. Then they shove their cock down my throat and hold it there as they empty their bladder into my mouth. They always make me swallow it. They love to piss all over my whore face too. They get to humiliate me that way, a wet pissy mess that just screams pathetic.

Hooker phone sex

Hooker phone sexYou’ve always had your go-to hooker to fuck, usually as a last resort but not me. I am the hooker you met from Hooker phone sex. I sell my body daily to keep up with my lifestyle. To keep me in my place like all women should be. I’m not a last resort because I’m a different kind of call girl. The kind of whore that will let you do anything. I have no respect for myself or my body, and unlike these other sluts, I don’t have stupid and silly rules. There are no limits, I never say no! This has made me the ultimate outlet for men to take out on me. Most of them leave me bruised and beaten, most of them like to give me an unexpected gang bang. I am always used as an apathetic and useless toilet, not to mention all the guys that bring their furry friends to fuck my hole till it’s gaping. The best hooker around am I right?!

Cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex is only for the trashiest of the trashiest. The girls like me that are die-hard cum whores. I love nothing more than being a cum slut whore. Nothing tells me that I have done my job better than a hugeCum eating phone sex load to the back of my throat. Don’t waste your cum on anything except for this mouth! That salty protein-packed treat gets me going, I am more excited than ever to do what I am supposed to do. I am always a good obedient bitch that does as she is told, swallowing load after load. I love gangbangs because I always get to swallow at least 10 loads of cum. I play with it and show off as I eat it all up guys love that shit. They love to see me be a downright nasty bitch, begging and begging for another load to the back of my whore throat. I am such a fucking cum eating slut!

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