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I want To Suck On This Glass Dick

Dirty phone sexBring me that crack rock so I can suck on the glass dick. And you can have these holes too. The only problem is hun you may have to wait in line if you don’t like to share. I got the biggest reputation in the area of being a complete no limit hoe. Everybody knows I will fuck and dick that comes my way. If you show up and you see a few men fuckng me already. Come join in the more the merrier! If you like to have this hoe all to yourself, Then you will have to sit back and enjoy the show. While waiting for your turn. Of course my daughters and sons are always available for you. Don’t forget there is a price for those holes too. But just like mommy hoe, They are good little hoes too.

Bring That Crack

Does that cunt look good to you? Mm great sweetie come on down and bring that crack! I need a good throbbing cock. With that yummy jizz squirting out. And I know you will bring a very nice size crack rock especially for your favorite little drug whore. This guy rocked my world. He totally finger blasted my cunt. Making me a sloppy wet fucking mess. Before shoving his pecker in my ass. Gaping my ass, spreading my ass cheeks wide. Digging his nails into my bare flesh. Howling as he emptied his ball sack into me. He pushed me away from him when he was done. I stumbled before I got my balance and then I made my way over for another hit on that glass dick.


Live phone sexI was smoking on the glass dick today, and there was absolutely no dick around. When I smoke my crack I get horny as a fucking dog in heat. I pulled out my toys and went to town fucking myself. I had my vibe and my 10 inch dildo. I was slamming my cunt hard. Plunging that dildo in and out. I got the vibe on high jammed against my clit. I start squirting hard and howling my cum squirting here and there. I kept going and going my body trembling, another squirt of my cum shooting out. And I couldn’t stop fucking myself I couldn’t get satisfied. I took the drenched dildo out of my cunt and shoved it into my ass. Still keeping the vibe at my clit. I sat up and was grinding deep down on the dildo. Pushing hard down with my ass. My body clenching harder and harder each time my cunt squirts.

Playing With My Son

White trash phone sexI brought home porn magazines for my son today. I wanted to watch him jerk off in front of me. Before I joined in and finished him off. We have always been a close family. I was my son’s first lay. He was not shocked by my demand at all, he knew what was coming next. I got him girl on girl porn mags and we were making comments on how hot those girls looked fucking each other. His dick was in his hand and he was stroking it. I love to watch him play with himself. Makes my cunt nice and juicy. I grabbed his balls and was massaging them. Squishing them softly in my hand. Hearing him moan as I take my lips and wrap it around his dick mushroom shaped head. And slid it on down that tasty shaft of his. He was still stroking as I was sucking. His pre-cum so fucking yummy. I got greedy and started going faster wanting all that cum of his deep in my throat. Finally I got what I was working for. His yummy tasting slimy thick jizz exploding in my mouth.

I Need The Cock

I got lots of crack tonight and now all I need is lots of cock and cum. You have either you want to share with me. I take that cock of yours in any hole you want babe. Any way you want it. Looking for a pet? I can howl, oink, or purr for you. Or are you just looking for a straight out nasty fuck whore to spray your piss all over and than fuck until your hearts content. Does your girl with hold the ass from you only letting you fuck in her in certain holes. Ha Ha come my way I will take care of that need your crave and are denied. Fucking me good, fuck me hard, fuck me now!Freaky phone sex

Which One For You

White trash phone sexWould you rather share me with my wee ones, my mutt, or BBC? We can have so much fun in any one you choose. I love playing with my wee ones the boys and the girls. I love playing with them and helping them get fucked by you. My mutt is no stranger to any of my holes or my girls. My girls and I both love to play with the family mutt. The rapid way he fucks and how quick he is to get up again and keep on going on any one of us. And then of course you cannot forget the BBC. That big fine looking black dude with his huge monster of a cock. Stretching my holes wide fucking open. Your choice hun. Give me a call so we can fuck, fuck, fuck.

Favorite Crack Dealer

Sloppy wet pussy A knock at the door and who is on the other end. One of my favorite crack dealers. He needed his big throbbing dick drained. He walked thru my door with a nice crack rock in one hand and his huge mother fucking cock in his other hand. I wanted both equally as bad. So I took that crack rock and shoved it in my bra. I grabbed that throbbing dick of his and shoved it deeply in my mouth straight to my throat. Gagging on it instantly. Drool pouring out of my mouth. Going from the tip of that little head to his balls were my face is squished up against his stomach. That is when I like to swallow on the dick. Every hoe’s little trick of trade. It gets that creamy jizz just flowing down my throat and into my stomach.

Truck Stop

Freaky phone sexI took a trip to the local truck stop looking for nasty overweight fat slob cock. Ya know the kind that can only get laid if they pay. But not with this hoe. I watched as the trucker drove in and out and when I saw a slob I went for it jumping in his truck and offering him my mouth for dick. Most of them stank like they had not showered in weeks. And their dicks tasted awful dried up piss and swamp balls taste. But I love pleasing those disgusting slobs. Letting them have my nice warm, wet mouth for free. These poor slobs are quick to release. Only a matter of minutes and then I can move onto the next smelly slob.

Furry Friend Fucking

Furry friends phone sex I got some furry friend cock this morning. My neighbor left his furry friend outside and went to work. I was staring at him thru the window watching him lick at his balls. I knew my neighbor was not gonna be around for hours and he looked so fucking good out there. I went and grabbed him and brought him back to my house. Getting naked, I grabbed some peanut butter and smeared it all over my already wet cunt. I bent my self over in front of my new furry friend and stuck my ass and cunt in his face. I could feel him smelling around my ass and cunt. Finding what he was sniffing for he began to lap at my cunt. I moaned loudly and got down on my hands and knees hoping he would take the hint and jump on my back. What a smart boy he did catch the hint and jumped on me. His furry cock slithering in and out of me. His claws digging into my back. OY fuck yeah baby!!!! I could feel his cock swelling larger and larger and I fucking knew what was coming next.

Nasty Dirty Whore

Druggy phone sexHey hunny you looking for a great gal to take home to mommy and make sweet wonderful love too? Well hunny I am not her! Unless you got nasty, dirty thought in your head. Don’t fucking call me! I want the callers who want to party, get fucked up and cum with a nasty white trash whore like me! Can you dig this? Can you handle it? Can you treat me like the piece of shit that I want to be treated like? I am loose caboose train and anybody can ride. But you can’t ride missionary style. No fucking way. Use me as the fuck toy that I love to be. Fill me full of your cum and then dump me like the stupid ass cunt that I am!

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