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Trailer trash whore

Trailer trash whoreHe spits on me this time it wasn’t his snot he spits on me but his dip. His friends laughed and I stifled a gag as he used his boot to push me around on the ground. “Listen you Trailer trash whore, clean this shit up before I fucking make you wish you were dead.” He smashed my face into the ground ordering me to clean up the dip spit with my mouth, then clean his shoes with my mouth, followed by his cock, and his ass. He kept drinking the whole time, and he did a line or two every once in a while. He had a wand to shock me with as well as a collar, a leash, nipples clamps and plenty of pent up anger. Eventually, he got so drunk while he was fucking me in the ass he broke a beer bottle on my head, making my blood pour out. I was in so much pain, felt like I was going to pass out and begging for him to show some kind of mercy but me whining only pissed him off more. He grabbed a cord and wrapped it around my neck, he was pulling me back as he fucked me, choking the life out of me and screaming at me that he told me to shut the fuck up whore. That’s the last thing I remember.

Flo the hoe’s BBC sex stories

BBC sex storiesTonight I have some BBC sex stories on my mind. I think I should call one of these massively hung cocks over to destroy my ass and cunt. I’ve never seen a cock bigger than a big black cock. They are clearly superior in every way. I love BBC because they always leave me absolutely gaping wide open after a proper fucking. I feel so used up afterward, and during I can literally feel my cunt stretching and doing it’s best to take such a big fucking cock. He will make me beg for it. And when he is about to cum he will make me beg for his nigger cum. Sometimes he blows a load all over my face Other times I get a huge creampie in my cunt and shithole. I always beg for more and more of that real man cum and dick, and sometimes I get what I want and end up leaving with my holes destroyed. They are fucked wide open, gapping and dripping warm thick cum. I am useless after some BBC and I will always be a whore for the best cock there is for a trashy bitch like me.

Ass Fucking For The Line

Anal sex whore“You want another line babe?” he had the blow lined up the straw in hand and cock already out. I knew the drill. If I wanted to get high I had to put in the work. I dropped to my knees and began sucking his cock hard and fast. I know he can’t cum because he’s geeking. He has done so much blow he could never cum. But he wants to see me get dirty and make a show of pleasing him. He is so high he starts slapping me around and holding my throat while he fucks my mouth. I am just letting him do whatever he wants so I can get my fix. Finally, he lets me take my line but he is far from done with me. He bends me over not even lubing up my ass before he shoves his throbbing cock right into my waiting ass. He is pulling my hair back as he slams into me. His balls slapping the back of my ass as I moan and scream on his cock. Anything to get high right?

Furry friend phone sex

Furry friends phone sex “Come here, boy!” I tapped the spot next to me on the bed and whistle to get my furry friends attention. He is obedient and used to us having Furry friends phone sex all the time. I already have a treat for him and he is just like me always horny. He is such a good boy the perfect furry friend! He is purebred, tan and black and full of muscle and a cock that can’t compare to any human. I always say he is my breeding boy. We know what to do. He fucks me more than anyone else. He slides his slimy red rocket into my waiting cunt. I scream loudly! He is so fucking big and he doesn’t slow down at all. He just dives in fucking me fast, raw, and hard. I love how I have no control of him destroying my pussy with his thick furry cock. I love him pounding away as I scream in ecstasy and in pain as he rips my pussy wide open. Oh, this is nothing compared to what it will be like after he cums. I know he’s getting close. He’s going harder and deeper. Panting hard with his tongue out. I scratch his head urging him to be a good boy for me and empty those balls. My “man’s best friend” is about to take me to a level no other can. His knot is out of this world. It gaps me out and I know when we finally disconnect I will have a waterfall of cum. But for now, I gasp in pain as I feel his hard bulge. His dick pulsating still and the warm cum dripping out of my stretched cunt. And the best part is? No matter how many times we fuck he is always ready to go again. Ready to fuck some more and to give me his furry cock and nasty knot!


Trailer trash whoreI’ll do anything for a fix. I have to stay high. I can’t fucking handle life if I am not high. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I like snorting it or smoking it. Sometimes I like some pills to make me feel superhuman or feel nothing at all. Sometimes I go even harder into my dabbling, it just depends on what I crave. I have a very addictive personality. It used to be so easy to fuck and suck to get free or discounted drugs but not anymore. They want young, tight, and untouched holes. I happen to have access to just that! So I set up for them to come over, they can do whatever they want to my little ones. They can’t even talk and tell what is being done to them. So it’ll be our little secret. For as long as they’re here fucking, forcing, hurting, and simply getting off on my brats I am off getting higher than a kite. I don’t even feel bad, why would I? At least these little shits are worth something.

Scat phone sex

My limitations do not exceed just a young cock to fuck, or me doing whatever I can to get high. Sometimes I just feel like some Scat phone sex. I remember my first experience, I was so young then, inexperienced and willing to try anything. My boyfriend at the time came home from work one day, he was mad and started to do the usual and beat my ass. I didn’t dare fight back, and before I knew it he was forcing his cock into my ass. He slammed his dick in and out of my young ass and before long he was taking it out, and making me suck on it. He pushed my head down on it and forced me to suck. I pulled back telling him there is shit on it! He growled at me and said that’s the point and shoved it down my throat some more. It didn’t take long before he had me eating his ass, cleaning it all up for him. He introduced me to piss, shit and the beauty of getting truly nasty and dirty. And to say the least, I am definitely in the mood!Trashy milf

Old Flabby Fuck Holes

Sloppy wet pussySee my old loose cunt fuck hole? I did not get this loose by being the virgin, Mary. I got this loose fucking a lot of big dick. And I am proud of my loose flabby cunt. I was a prude when I first started out in life but in my teens, I became a crack addict with no money. The only asset I had were my three tight fuck holes. Well after twenty years my cunt and ass are loose enough to take two-liter bottles. My dealers never expect money from me they know I am paying with my crack whore fuck holes. And if they are not good enough for you just stroll into my daughter’s rooms. They are young hot tight and soft. And those little bitches know how to take a big dick. I taught them myself!

Another Crack Ho Whore

Freaky phone sexCindy came running to my trailer looking for some crack. I had a little extra that I could spare but first I wanted to cum. She is a sexy crack whore but she is not into women at all. I have been trying to fuck her for what seems like forever. But today the bitch is hard up and can’t find any crack anywhere. She came knocking on my door shaking and begging for me to share some with her. I invited her in and gave her a shot up her vein. She lied back on my couch and thought she was gonna enjoy her high. Fuck no! I grabbed that bitch by the hair and told her it was time to pay up her debt. I made that bitch fuck me into I squirted my cunt juices all over her worthless face three fucking times.

Black Dealers And Black Cock

Druggy phone sexI think black dealers have the best crack out there. And the best dicks too. The crack gets me high and the dick makes me cum. White boys think they have big dicks but they don’t. I like getting that crack up my arm or in the glass dick. Then getting that dick to satisfy my thirst and my cunt. And if I am lucky deep in my ass too. Nothing hotter than a big black cock ramming into my cunt or ass and me smoking my crack from my glass dick. Getting fucked and getting high. That big fat black cock making me squirt all over the place. All over his dick and down my thighs and then when he is done he shoves it into my mouth for clean up.

Flo The Drug Ho

Druggy phone sex I got a great reputation that even when I am not looking for my crack it comes to me. Men just wanting to get laid know to go to “Flo the crack ho!” Eric stopped in and threw a little bag at me. I saw it was a really nice piece of rock it almost shimmered. This man deserved more than just my whore holes he was getting my daughters tight holes too. She is young and her curves are tight. She is a cute thing and the boys are all buzzing around her. I don’t let her fuck around with those young bucks tho. I am turning her into a crack whore and only letting grown men have her tight young holes. Those young men can’t offer her anything but quick dick.

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