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BBC sex stories

I had an awesome night at the strip club. One of my favorite customers came in for a private dance. I have to say he is a hot piece of dark chocolate. I almost feel guilty taking money from him because his big black cock is the best I have ever had. When he bends me over and fucks me from behind his thick black cock always hits my g-spot. He gives me screaming and squirting orgasms like I have never had before. He pays me more so that he doesn’t have to wear a condom. So all of his warm gooey cum is all inside my pussy. When I get home my little cuckold is waiting for me. You start with your whining shit and that is when I tell you to come over and lick all this warm gooey cum out of my pussy. You better stick that tongue deep in my pussy and make sure you get every last drop of cum that was left by a big black cock.

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Sucking Big Black Cock in Front of My Cuckold

bbc sex storiesSo tonight is the night that after I finish my shift at the strip club I am bringing one of my fuck buddies home just to prove to you how much bigger and black cock really is. My fuck buddy works as a bouncer at the same strip club. He is 6 foot 5 inches of well built muscular dark chocolate, not to mention the fact that he is hung like a horse. I could see the anticipation on your face when we arrived home. I immediately helped him out of his pants. You were so shocked at how big his black cock was. You ask if you could touch it and he said ok. You told us that you had always thought it was a myth that black cock was so much bigger and that you never knew a cock could feel so heavy. He told you no offense man but I am here to fuck your lady not have you play dilly dally with my fuck rod. I said you could sit in the chair by the dresser and watch us. I climbed up on the bed and started sucking on his big thick hard black cock getting it ready to fuck my hot wet pussy. Hopefully, now you understand that if you want to be with me you are going to have to be my cuckold. Your teenie tiny dick isn’t worthy of my pussy!

Big Black Cock

BBC sex stories

I have had my fair share of cocks, but I have to say that the only kind that ever leaves me satisfied is big black cock. I have been dating this guy I met in the strip club for about two months and he is wanting to get all serious on me. He is a nice enough guy and all but he has such a little dick. I mean like not more than three inches on a good day. So I told him last night that if he wanted me to move in he needed to understand that I would still be fucking big black cock on the side. He, of course, did not understand and thinks that it is a myth that black cocks are indeed bigger. That was when I decided that I would have one of my big black cock fuck buddies come over and show him. I can’t wait until tomorrow night to see the look on his face when he sees this big black cock….I will update you on what happens!

Deanna Teased Tortured and Ass Fucked

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When you picked me up at the strip club and took me back your house I had no idea just how kinky you were. You tied me with a rope to a bench and then you started teasing my nipples. You had me screaming when you applied the nipple clamps. Then you started rubbing on my pussy. Just when I would start to feel like an orgasm was near you would stop and slap my ass or pull on the nipple clamps. You said I want you to know how it feels since you like to tease all of us men when we are at the strip club. My pussy was so hot, wet, and throbbing. I was begging for your big thick cock. You rubbed it all over my soaking wet pussy. You put just the head of your hard cock in my pussy and as I am waiting in anticipation you pulled out. You then rammed that big thick cock into my tight little ass. You fucked my ass so hard before pulling out to explode shooting that hot wet jucicy cum all over my back and ass.

Deanna All Tied UP

phone sex lineI work at a strip club right next to a truck stop. We normally just get your average blue collar worker here. Lately, there has been this very preppy man coming in here and he has been pulling out the hundred dollar bills. I have even blown him a couple of times when he paid for a VIP room. I had thought of him as a pushover. So when he told me he would give me $500.00 if I would come back to his house after my shift. I was like hell yeah. So I finished up my shift and off to his house we went. He lives in one of those really nice neighborhoods. So I felt really relaxed about everything. Once we were in his house he had me take off my clothes while he fixed me a drink. He must have slipped me something because within seconds I felt sleepy. He said you look tired let’s go downstairs. Once we were downstairs he pushed me on a dirty mattress. Then he started tying me up with some rope. He tied my tits so tight that I thought they were going to explode. That was when things changed and I started to wonder what the hell I had gotten myself into.

Deanna Can’t Get Enough of Donna’s Pussy

phone sex line Oil prices having dropped seem to have affected things at the strip bar. Us girls are having a hard time paying our bills. So when my friend and co-worker Donna suggested we rent a trailer together, I jumped on that shit. You all know how much I love being naked, well guess what so does Donna. I know that this is probably hard for you to imagine, but I think that Donna is even more of a nasty whore than me. We have been so busy playing with each other today that we barely made it into work. Donna made my pussy so wet and juicy when she was shaking her tits and ass up on that stage that I couldn’t wait until we got home to finger fuck that pussy. I had to take her into the bathroom and finger fuck that pussy right there on the floor. I already had two fingers in her cunt, but she was screaming more, more, more!

Strip Teasing

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I am a super hot blond stripper, and the club I work at is totally nude. My pussy is the prettiest part of my body. I love to show it off to men in the club. I also like to tease. Since while we are at the club you can look but you can’t touch. I love when I am on stage and you are sitting down below me. I come over to you and kneel down and spread my legs far apart so that you can see my pretty little pussy. You are even able to smell how sweet it is. I can see how hard you are in your pants, and how badly you want to touch my pussy. I just smile and giggle. Then I tell you that I might go to a hotel with you when I finish my shift, but first you will have to convince me that you are worthy of my pussy.

Oktoberfest Bukkake

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We are a couple of days into Oktoberfest, but the first official weekend is quickly approaching. It is always a bust time at any night club, but especially at a strip bar. The patrons love to see the girls in and out of their sexy Bavarian clothing. The beer flows freely as well with plenty of drink specials going on. I am going to have to be sure to lay off that beer a little this year. Last year, I had just a little too much of it while celebrating. If fact, I actually became quite sloppy drunk. One thing that always happens when I get drunk is that I get incredibly horny. I was so plastered last time, I don’t even know how it started, but I managed to find myself in the middle of a circle of men. All had their cocks out and were jerking. They crowded closely. Unable to help myself, I took turns going around the circle giving each one a quick little suck. The whole time I was fingering my wet pussy for all to see. When I started moaning and coming, it set off a chain reaction and I was soon covered in a huge amount of warm spunk. I get horny now just thinking about all those loads of cum. Maybe, I should let myself get drunk after all. Who knows what may happen?

Celebrating Mexican Independence Day

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I had seen him often sitting by the bar. His dark Hispanic skin sexy as could be under the bar lights. Today i walk over and begin a conversation with him. He asks me about the celebration of Mexican Independence Day planned for tomorrow. When I began describing decorations, drinks, and costumes for the night, he informed me I had things quite a bit mixed up. Seeing a chance to spend ore time with this hunk I asked him to elaborate. When he started talking about drinks, I had him step behind the bar and make us a few of the new ones he was describing. From there, we took out drinks to the dressing rooms. I put on a few of the girls sexy costumes for him to critique. When I got to my own sexy costume, he told me the only thing wrong with it was that too much skin was covered. He stepped up and uncovered one tit and began fondling it. I couldn’t get out of the rest of it quickly enough. I took his dark cock into my mouth eagerly. In the mirror I could see the difference in his dark skin against my own fair white skin. It was strangely erotic. I couldn’t get his cock inside my pussy quickly enough. We both missed the Mexcan celebration at the bar because we were too busy having our own celebration that would continue for days to come.

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Visiting My Roots As A Trailer Trash Whore

Trailer trash whoreEven though I live in a condo in the city now, I originally grew up in a trailer park on the wrong side of the tracks. I grew up knowing I was trailer park trash and I loved every minute of it. I was the biggest trailer trash whore of all. Gang bangs with the neighborhood boys was a common occurrence. I was known the be the cause of a few broken marriages. I flaunted my body shamelessly and used my pussy top get anything I wanted.

When  I moved to the city, not a lot changed, except now I was a little bit higher class of a whore and I could wear more expensive slutty clothes. As I’ve gotten older, I try to carry myself with a little more class, even though I love to get nasty and freaky. I keep it a little more toned down in public. That’s why I love to go home to visit. When I go home, I go right back to my roots. I can still out-slut any slut in the trailer park.

I’m excited about the upcoming weekend. I’m going home for a weekend with the folks. I’ve already talked to some old friends about a bon fire. I sure hope he remembers bon fire is code for “gang bang whore takes on all comers”. My pussy is dripping wet thinking about all that cock. I’m ready to have my slutty body packed air-tight as they used to call it. Maybe Mom and Dad will even join in on this one. It sure was a lot of fun the time it turned into a family affair.

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