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The Night of a Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreSo, I get up after a long night of partying and start to reminisce about my adventures from the night before. It started out as an ordinary night at the trailer park. I put on my mini skirt with a cut off see through white tank top. Of course, no panties or bra because really who needs that when you are trying to get fucked. Slipped on my heels and headed out to the park. I noticed a new group had moved in down the way and were partying. I decided to join and went on in. Coke on the table and beer flowing from the keg. I did a quick line and filled up my solo cup. Stood outside and smoked a joint with a group of biker looking dudes. Soon I was feeling just right and picked out a target. After a little over the clothes teasing, bending over to expose my nice bald wet pussy and watching him get turned on by my erect nipples, I knew he was all mine. I was feeling extra naughty and after getting a $50 from him I got down on my knees and blew him in front of everyone. He was pounding my throat good. I could see a crowd gathering and was even more turned on. He blew his load all over my face and I blew bubbles with his cum. As the rest of the party wanted to get in on the action, I collected my money, did a few more lines and proceeded to let them fuck me in my pussy, mouth and even my ass. I was filled with their cum and begging for more. Blew a few more just for kicks and collected my money and took my cum filled holes home. The life of a trailer trash whore.

I’m a high end hooker

hooker phone sexI’m just a high end hooker that really enjoys fucking. I make a living with my perfect sculpted body and tight holes. I work out regularly and keep my cunt and ass tight with kegel exercises and using my sphincter muscles with various training toys. So really, despite being a professional whore, I am tight and fit and can please the most discerning of clients. One day I hope to have a “pretty woman” kind of moment and get a john that sets me up with everything luxurious. I’m a bit of a gold digger and a total material girl, so if you want to fuck me you better be able to afford the finer things in life. I am one of those finer things and am very high maintenance. I will not put out for someone that can’t even afford to own their own place nor car. I prefer older professional men that have all of their financials in order. I am the sugar baby that is worth every last cent and worthy of being in your will. I aspire to fuck the last breath out of my current sugar daddy, he is 72 years old. I fuck his wrinkled and gray cock with my eye on the prize. I hope it won’t be long!

Anal Sex Whore for BBC

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore for big black cocks. They are the best cocks for any of my fuck holes. I am a dirty old broad. I have birthed a bunch of brats. Gravity is no longer my friend. And my pussy is not as tight as it once was. That doesn’t mean I don’t still fuck. It just means I need bigger cock to fill up my aging holes. I was at the truck stop getting cigarettes when I met Marcus. He was a young black hunk of burning love. He stood over 6 feet tall and looked at me like he was fucking me over the counter. I caught his eye and he caught mine. Marcus is a trucker and he was camping for the night in the back of his cab. He was in the Love’s for a shit, shave and a shower. Once he cleaned up, I was waiting for him next to his truck. Not the first trucker I have fucked. I told him he looked like he had milf fever. He pulled his anaconda out and I my knees hit the pavement. I wanted that big black cock. I sucked him in the parking lot, but he saved his load for my hot ass. I sat my ass down on his black monster snake in the back of his cab. He fucked my ass for hours. I am sitting on a frozen steak today because my ass is so sore. I am going back tonight for round two. I am a glutton for punishment!

I aim to please

live phone sexI’m sweet cheeks, and I have always been able to please. I’ve always been able to do the best fucking that I can because I like it. I love to be bent over with my head as far down as it would go into the bed and my ass up as high as I can Arch my back. I like to get cocks stuffed inside of my hot gushy wet pussy. I want a big thick cock, but first, I want you to grab my pussy lips with your tongue and start slurping and licking me while my ass is up in the air. I am so fucking horny right now. I want you. I want to ride your fucking face. You’ll have so much fun inside of this super wet pussy. I want you and I to be together right now for the first time and then again. Can’t you feel how warm my cum guzzling cunt is? Doesn’t it taste so sweet, eating my pussy because it feels so good? I need your sexy pussy slurping tongue. I love your hard cock; I love your whole body.

I need every part of you participating in making my pussy melt. Some people don’t appreciate me, but it’s certainly not a guy. I’m in a situation, I have what you would call a female pimp, and she’s hard and unmovable. I feel like she Lust For Me, and every time I see her, it’s electrifying, but she doesn’t show weakness, she only shows strength. I have to submit to her I have to give in to her, and when she punishes me, it’s still all business. I Know you will be able to give me cock and allow me to escape her complete dominance over me. When I’m with you, I forget her.

Trashy Milf Pimps Little Ones

This trashy milf knows how to make a quick buck. I have little ones in the house. I have older ones too, but I had two little girls later in life. It isn’t because I wanted more fuck trophies. It was simple economics. The older I get, the less demand there is for my whore pussy. Many men want something tight and young. The younger and tighter a pussy is, the more money you can make selling it. My two late in life fuck trophies are cash cows for mommy. The rent was due last week and as always, I was short. My landlord is always starting at my little brats. I know what he is thinking. The same thing you are! I told him I didn’t have the rent, but I had something worth far more than $1300. He looked at me with disbelief until I summoned my angels in the room. There were my blonde, blue-eyed cash cows looking so tempting to my perverted landlord. I told him he could have 30 mins with them each if we could be square on the rent. I watched him pitch a tent in his jeans at the suggestion. We all went into mommy’s bedroom and I paid my rent the old-fashioned way. With pussy. Very young and very tight pussy. Now that I know I can trade the rent for my daughters’ pussies, I have more money to party with.

Trashy Milf

I love being a cum dumpster

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. The older I get, the more I love cum. I am officially a jizz junkie. I was walking around my neighborhood last night in booty shorts and a tank top. No bra, of course. I was trying to see what kind of trouble I could get into. I saw what appeared to be a party going on and decided to crash it. A pretty woman of any age is never turned away. I walked right in and found the bar. I made a drink and mingled. I saw some frat boy types doing lines off a coffee table and asked to join. I let them snort coke off my ass. That is what got the party going in the right direction. This was like some college boy party. Nice house, so maybe trust fund brats? I didn’t care because I got to party for free. Cocaine give younger guys the stamina to fuck me. Soon, all the guys at the party were standing in line to fuck the old cougar party crasher. I never mind a gangbang. When I am high on cocaine, my freak flag flies.  I was blowing boys while taking it in the ass too. I never got any names. I was there for the party supplies and the hard dicks.

Teen Preps Slum For Trashy Milf Fucking

I love being a trashy milf! My sons bring me all the young boys to fuck. They are the best wingmen a mommy could have, and I reward them for it too. This past weekend, I was super horny. The weather was bad, so I couldn’t go to my usual haunts to get high and fuck. My youngest son had a brilliant idea. He told me he had lots of rich school friends who not only would love to fuck a hot whore like me but had access to coke too. He sent a few texts and an hour later 4 teen preppy boys came slumming to fuck this trailer trash whore. The best part was they all brought some cocaine. None of them did coke they said, but all their parents had stashes. It was cool that they didn’t do coke because all women will tell you that they love to fuck on coke, but they don’t want to fuck a man on coke because it can give men limp dicks. No limp dicks with my son’s friends, but then teen boys rarely have cock issues. My sons joined in on the gang bang. I must remember that when I want to get high and fuck, the teen boys from the right side of the train tracks know how to entertain this cougar.

Trashy Milf

Crazy bitch

live phone sex

I love it when men bring their girlfriends with them to watch me dance. Stripping makes me feel powerful not only because they just throw their cash at but I normally end up fucking their girl too. I mean what the fuck did you expect when you brought your drunk girlfriend in here to see me? The entire time you thought I was staring at you I was eye fucking her. She knew it she could feel it too. Why do you think she was the one shoving those ones as far down my panties as she could reach. She asked me to follow you both home where you were far too drunk to hang with the party we were going to have. She sucked and licked my clit while fingering my ass and my cunt. I know she was smothering in my cum but she wouldn’t stop. So, I just laid back to enjoy it.


Cum shower

dirty phone sex

When I get done with my day dong dirty phone sex I always am out on the prowl. Looking to score more dope or more cock. Either way, I am happy with whatever I may find. Last night I had a special treat. Some of the military guys were in town and you know I do love a man in uniform. They were all very horny and didn’t take very much persuasion on my part to get all four of them to come home with me. As soon as we walked in my door I ordered them to all take their pants off and present their cocks to me. I was already on my knees when they brought them to me. I started licking and sucking on them all until the showered my whole body with cum.

It’s just me

cum filled cunt

I was this guy whose cock was one of the biggest I have ever had. It was during a marathon gangbang. I can’t even remember how many guys were inside of me. My cum filled cunt was already super juicy so he slid in so easy. When he was fully inside of me I could feel my pussy walls stretching around his massive dick. He pounded my cunt mercilessly and I was just cumming over and over again. When it was the next guys turn my pussy felt so lonely. I got a cock in my mouth then so I forgot all about it. I can’t help it that I love two dicks at the same time. That’s just how I roll.


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