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Crazy bitch

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I love it when men bring their girlfriends with them to watch me dance. Stripping makes me feel powerful not only because they just throw their cash at but I normally end up fucking their girl too. I mean what the fuck did you expect when you brought your drunk girlfriend in here to see me? The entire time you thought I was staring at you I was eye fucking her. She knew it she could feel it too. Why do you think she was the one shoving those ones as far down my panties as she could reach. She asked me to follow you both home where you were far too drunk to hang with the party we were going to have. She sucked and licked my clit while fingering my ass and my cunt. I know she was smothering in my cum but she wouldn’t stop. So, I just laid back to enjoy it.


Cum shower

dirty phone sex

When I get done with my day dong dirty phone sex I always am out on the prowl. Looking to score more dope or more cock. Either way, I am happy with whatever I may find. Last night I had a special treat. Some of the military guys were in town and you know I do love a man in uniform. They were all very horny and didn’t take very much persuasion on my part to get all four of them to come home with me. As soon as we walked in my door I ordered them to all take their pants off and present their cocks to me. I was already on my knees when they brought them to me. I started licking and sucking on them all until the showered my whole body with cum.

It’s just me

cum filled cunt

I was this guy whose cock was one of the biggest I have ever had. It was during a marathon gangbang. I can’t even remember how many guys were inside of me. My cum filled cunt was already super juicy so he slid in so easy. When he was fully inside of me I could feel my pussy walls stretching around his massive dick. He pounded my cunt mercilessly and I was just cumming over and over again. When it was the next guys turn my pussy felt so lonely. I got a cock in my mouth then so I forgot all about it. I can’t help it that I love two dicks at the same time. That’s just how I roll.


Make sure you cum first

freaky phone sex

I learned a very valuable lesson today after getting my brains fucked out. One of my usual tricks called me up kind of panicked and said he needed to see me right away. It was six in the damn morning, but I told him to come over. I had just finished my coffee when he came in and slid my robe off bent me over my counter and fucked me so hard. I mean I’m sure not complaining I love it when he pounds my cunt without worrying if I am going to cum. His arms wrapped so tightly around me when he finally busted his nut. While we getting dressed and drinking another cup of coffee he told me had a big decision to make today and that men should never make a big decision without busting a nut first. Too much testosterone boggles the brain apparently. LOL!


I am that one

phone sex line

I really think it’s funny that I have to talk you into bringing friends with you to fuck me. You should be happy that I am such a cum whore I keep us both high as fuck just by spreading my legs or opening my mouth. You saw how juicy and wet my cunt gets when I have three or four huge black cocks in my face. You can’t even lie your dick even perked up when you saw me do that line off of your best friends dick. I told you I am that one freaky bitch who does not give one fuck as long as I am having a good time and there is cum flowing over my body.


My talents

live phone sex

This was such a productive week. I can’t believe how much fucking cash I got just from sucking cock. The guy who blows their loads super quick are my real money makers but I love guys like you who know how to enjoy a good blow job. I have taken years and crafted my talent. Don’t worry baby your big eleven-inch throbber won’t gag me. While your balls are bouncing off my chin your hands are wrapped in my hair fucking my face until finally from deep within your balls all that delicious elixir sprays like foam into my mouth. I swallow hard and wipe my mouth while you hand me my cash. Good, I still have time to do a line before the next guy cums.

I want more more more

hookers for hire

I hate having slow days when the cum isn’t flowing freely everywhere around me. I was wishing that I could just put a hookers for hire sign in my yard when my phone rang. My heart started racing and it was one of my favorite party guys. He said he had an eight ball and was ready to get nasty. I flew through the shower making sure I was soft and smelling sweet when he arrived. It didn’t take any time for shit to get wild once he was inside. I was so fucking horny I was pulling his cock out before he could get the coke out of his pocket. He gave me a line off the shaft of his cock before I let it slide to the back of my throat. Pounding my face wasn’t all he wanted he was craving that tight wet cunt. I was so horny that it slid in so deep. I know there wasn’t any cum left in his balls when he left this morning.

Fun in Vegas

cum guzzling slut

I was so fucking high last night. I swear I sucked at least 10 cocks last night. Not at the same time. Or at least I don’t think so anyway.  I did a ball of coke before I ever even left my hotel room to gamble. Did I mention I’m in Vegas on vacation? These guys love the way I blow on their dice before I blow their cocks. Sometimes I have done it right there at the craps table. There is such a crowd around the table nobody notices me drop to my knees and crawl in front of you. You didn’t even fuck up your roll when I wrapped my lips around that mushroom head. You started rolling with one hand and guiding my head with the other. Once I made you cum making sure not to spill one drop you hand me a few chips from your stack and I walk away.

The life of the party


gangbang whore

I am always the life of the party. I mean what good is a gangbang whore if nobody can fuck her. Most guys know me by now so having a python cock shoved in my face within moments of arrival is such a normal thing anymore. I feel like a cum machine. Guys are jerking off on me while I have another squeezing and pinching my tits. These guys are in and out of my cunt and ass so much I don’t even try to count anymore. Occasionally one of them remembers I am a real person and offers me a line or three of nose candy well fuck yes I want it. Showered in cum from head to toe and full in every hole. I do not do the walk of shame home I Uber with pride.

I do the most

cum dumpster

This was the best weekend a cum dumpster like me could ask for. I went to a pub crawl with some friends. Well, I got a shot of more than just Jagermeister at each bar. As soon as we walked into each new bar I was instantly on the hunt for some dick. With a simple whisper in their ear, they followed me to a stall in the ladies bathroom. Some of the cocks smacked me in the face as I was jerking down the pants that had it trapped. I would start licking up and down on their cocks. Sucking on their balls one at a time.

By the time I put them in my warm soft mouth they were almost ready to burst. I would make sure they felt the back of my throat with the tip of their dick as I sucked harder and harder. By now they have their hands on the back of my head pounding my face like it’s a cunt. I reach up and pull gently on their balls. Which causes his cum to flow quickly in my face and into my mouth.


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