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I met my match

live phone sex You were so amazing last night when we had live phone sex. It was almost as good as the real thing. We fucking partied together all night long. Doing huge rails of Peru’s finest cocaine off of each other’s bodies. When you do those tiny bumps off my nipples they get rock fucking hard. My pussy still gets soaked when you do that too. Doing nummies with the tip of your cock makes sure that you really enjoy pounding my face as hard as you want. I never thought I would meet a guy who loved to party and fuck as much as I do but I think I may have met my match with you. You push my boundaries and I fucking love it.

Harry Potters magical cum

Nasty phone sex     A girl like me is always looking for nasty phone sex. I will go to any lengths to get it too. Since I am a huge nerd and made my way to the local comic con this weekend. Can you guess who I dressed as? Well I won’t give you all of the details but let’s just say Harry Potter is my favorite fictional literature. I have gotten myself off so many times through the years to the thoughts of him fucking me and sticking his magic wand deep inside of my asshole. I know that his invisibility cloak had my cum soaked into it by the time we were through. I bet none of those other Gryffindor girls know how to be a cum guzzling slut like me. I don’t know if it’s the magic in his blood or the magic stick between his legs but Harry Potter has magical cum that I always leave soaked in my panties when we are finished. I sure hope that maybe one day we can have a little mud-blood of our own. Only death eaters believe that us muggles hold no magical power. Well someone better ask Harry because I know that I showed him some tricks tonight that aren’t found in spells or potion books. I wonder what Malfoy or even little Ron would think of the things that I can do. Maybe they can both take me on together what a sweet treat that would be. None as special as Harry is to me though.cum guzzling slut

lookin for a girl like her

phone sex lineFreaky phone sex
  If you have been following me you know I call the phone sex line for my fantasies too. I have a thing for trannies. I just can not fucking help myself. One of my callers had me watching shemales with him the other day and i am fucking hooked now. Just last week I had my first real-life encounter with one. And it was so hot. I cant get her out of my head. I find myself masturbating constantly to thoughts of her. So on this particular day i stumbled across a sexy brunette named Suzi. Her page promised me freaky phone sex. Well yes, ma’am don’t mind if I do! She had me doing things I had only imagined before. Suzi made me squirt all over my sheets with her sassy flick of the tongue. Her cock made me feel like my cunt has goosebumps I was as so excited. I can’t wait to find another chick with a huge dick like hers.

thanks for the memories

Freaky phone sex I fucking love doing freaky phone sex calls with you babe. I love being a whore for you, There are no limits on what we do either. Sometimes you surprise me with an appetizer of huge cocks. I’m not allowed to touch when you bring in this tasty snack. They just jack off all around me busting each and every load of their thick creamy cum all over me. I so love this cum shower. It definitely makes things much easier once you are ready to fuck me with your 14 inches. My pussy feels so good totally stretched out around your dick. That’s probably why I cum so fucking hard. I don’t care what it is as long as you keep doing it.

I got paid

Live phone sexSome guy stopped and asked if I did live phone sex for real. I laughed and said no I do it for the fake. Then they said what other kinds of things could they pay me to do live. Now they’re talking my language. I told them that each service was a different charge. Then they each pulled out huge wads of cash. So I led them home with me. They paid me $100 just to rip my clothes from my body. Then each guy gave me $200 each to fuck me in every hole. It’s a win-win situation for me. I was really just out dick strolling. Now I have enough cash to go and get some coke and continue my search.

My turn

Phone sex line There is never a dull day on the phone sex line. I had a guy singing me show tunes the other day. He was sweet and a nice change from the normal. His intentions weren’t for me to make him cum though. He wanted to make me cum. I was kind of shocked but I was so high I thought ok. So I rolled a fat joint put him on mute so I could do a line of coke and started listening to him. He was very detailed in his description of how he would spread my pussy lips with his tongue. Start sucking gently on my clit then harder, slipping a finger deep inside right before I cum.  This makes me squirt my cum everywhere. I wasn’t prepared for that. Hope he calls again.

Pick your flavor

Live phone sex   I have so much fun doing live phone sex. We had a marathon session last night, didn’t we? I am so glad that I was already laying here naked when you called. You know just what to say to make my pussy get instantly wet. I get excited when I see your number pop up on my caller ID. We have explored fantasies with each other that we scared to share with anyone else. That’s the absolute trust we have with each other. Knowing that all of our talks are private is what keeps you coming back for more. Your rocky road taste doesn’t quite fit that vanilla lifestyle your living every day. Good thing you have dirty sluts like me around or you would be totally bored.

Fun with twins

cum guzzling slut I’m such a cum guzzling slut. I have been fucking this guy for a few months now. I guess you could say he is my fuck buddy. Well, he has a twin brother. I have really been wanting to fuck him too. I could tell he did too. So we planned the entire evening. We all went out drinking and dancing. Lines and lines of coke were snorted from clubs dirty toilet tops. Once we Ubered home we told my twin what we had in store. He actually went for it. They fucked every hole I have twice. But they both filled my mouth with their hot cum. I have to say my twin definitely has the bigger cock. Glad that he is the one I fuck on a regular basis.

Glad we crossed paths

gangbang whore I heard you and your friends talking about finding a gangbang whore last night. That’s what made me come over and talk to you guys. I am totally down for that tonight. When I left the house I really expected to have to spend my entire evening searching for different guys to fuck. But you and your friends are like a dream come true. Your huge cocks filling all of my holes with cum was fucking awesome. I haven’t had dicks this size in weeks. I can still feel each of you slamming into my body. Feeling like a real life sex doll for your squad was definitely a night to remember. Hopefully, a night that can be repeated too. Because damn it was so much fucking fun.

At the damn time

phone sex line We have such good times on the phone sex line. Its great that we can share fantasies with each other like this. I can’t believe how many times you made me get off when we talked last night. After the sixth or seventh one, I started squirting. I’ve never done that before and it was fucking amazing! I love the way you gasp as I describe the way I swirl my tongue around your dick before wrapping my luscious lips around it. Hearing your moans makes my pussy so wet baby. My fingers are quick to find my clit again. Inducing a knee quivering orgasm at the same time you’re busting your own nutt. I love it when we cum at the same damn time.

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