you’re the lucy to my ethel

cum dumpsterWhen times get tough you find out who your real friends are! I have a real friend in holly. Every time we are craving coke we go on cock sucking sprees. We go visit the glory hole and we are two cum dumpsters. The best things in life come in pairs. We have the mutual love for being cum covered whores both high as hell and getting double stuffed too! Who doesn’t want need a Lucy to their Ethel? We are cock fiends and willing to do it all to get what our bodies need. We never stay out of trouble. One time we got pulled over on our way to a gang bang and we were drunk and strung on H. The police officer could see we were messes in dresses and gave us an ultimatum that was easy peasy lemon squeezy. We had to jerk him and suck him off together. We giggled even though we were slurring our words and out of it cock sucking is what we do. We gave him the best blow of his life and he gave the some dope blow too, He confiscates it all the time and uses it as his personal stash. We are double trouble and we always seem to experience something for the books.

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