Your White Trash Cum Dumpster

white trash phone sex cd sybil

Sybil… the town slut, the biggest white trash ho around… that’s what I am, and I have no shame. I know I am every man’s little cum dumpster, and I love it! Every single fucking guy I pass in the hallways, or the sidewalks, they know what a little cum slut I am… and you know what that means. That means your cum slut will be on her knees begging for your hot sticky cum! Now tell me, you want me to be your little, precious, cum slut don’t you? I know you do… it’s every man’s secret fantasy! You can just imagine your hard cock throbbing, ready to cum all over my face and hair… is that what you want? That’s what I want! I love how it feels, all warm and sticky all over me, and it turns me on like nothing else!!! I will even beg you for your precious cum, ever last little drop, I will beg for it, and I will make sure none of it goes to waste either… I will lick it all up; swallow it all! Tell me how much you love your little cum slut sucking your cock dry, draining you cum filled balls to the back of my horny whore throat. Ha!! You can even share me with your friends if you like, the more cum, the better! Maybe you even have some friends with some nice big, black cocks for me to suck on and swallow their cum, hmm??? I hope you do, they always are nice and rough with me, and put me in my slutty place. That’s how I like it, I know I’m a slut, and nothing turns me on more than being treated like the whore I know I am. Fuck me like the whore I am an I guarantee you will make ME cum… but the only cum I am worried about is yours! So are you ready to cum now? Please give me your delicious salty treat – I promise I won’t waste a single drop! That’s right, straight into my mouth, mmmmm, you taste delicious!

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