Fun Things To Do Naked

Live Phone SexMost girls hate football but I think it is great!

If you are watching it, you are usually surrounded by a bunch of drunk guys that are ready to fuck!

If you are playing it, then again, you have a bunch of guys running around feeling each other up! Whats not to love!

But there are ways to improve the game. If we played and watched naked!

Like strip football or naked corn mazes or bobbing for apples (out of my cunt).

So many things would be better if we did them naked!

The end result should always be pussies and asses over flowing with cock cream!

I don’t mind sharing…we can stuff your ass with sticky sweet cum to!Dirty Phone Sex

I would love to suck that cock…getting it big and fat and hard…milking it to you explode in my mouth, and then spreading your tight little ass and drizzling all that creamy goodness in your shit hole!

We could stuff your ass with a nice butt plug while you pump my cunt till it over flows.

But you have to do a good job! I don’t want a little dick squirt!

Once you have finished and I am completely satisfied, we can pull that plug from your gaping ass. Can you feel my tongue sliding around the rim, teasing you before I slip it in?

Mmm! I can’t wait to ass fuck you with my slippery tongue, sucking out all of that used chunky cream!

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