Your Little Nasty Sweet JuiceBox

trashy milf

I knew I wanted to sleep with Mommy’s man from the first time I saw him he was a big strapping big dick horror and he loved me. We call him Big Jim Big Jim is the nastiest fucked-up individual that you can ever meet Big Jim has been looking at my tiny tight little ass for at least five years. Now Mommy is making the big mistake of leaving Big Jim alone with his hard dick and her little lot lizard slut of a daughter.

Mommy has got an all day appointment to meet so I will be alone with Big Jim. Oh, how lucky I am I can’t believe it I finally got the chance to be the sluttiest dirtiest lot lizard whore I can be, don’t worry I learned it all from my lot lizard nothing ass mother. Well look at Big Jim I had to pretend like I was cleaning up in order to get his attention. I was wearing a pink tight little spandex skirt and no panties I’m sure Big Jim loved that. I decided I have got to tease Big Jim to get him moving on me. I shook my little ass in Big Jim’s face he noticed I wasn’t wearing any panties I could see his hard cock starting to throb and get even harder oops my hand accidentally touched his bulge in his jeans. Oh, look at Big Jim he’s so hard for my hot little slutty cunt.

Well, Big Jim decided to tell me since I accidentally touched his bulge he should return the favor and touch my hot sexy salacious wet juice box. It was on Big Jim didn’t waste any time stuffing his tongue into my hot twat. Oh God it was so good you wouldn’t believe the things that big Jim did to me he did so many nasty things to me and I love to tell you all about it call me.

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