Good Coke

Druggy phone sexThe party was pumping and the music was good. I’m in the bathroom with a sexy stranger doing lines off of the back of the toilet. I took my panties off and put them on his head. I need him to fuck me, the coke is making me horny. He’s moving too slow so I unzip his pants and free his huge cock. I drop to my knees on that dirty bathroom floor and sucked his dick. I’m not your average cock sucker, I’m a cock sucking artist. I play with the tip with my tongue then lick up and down the shaft. I like to play with the speed, alternating between fast and slow. I want him to remember this blowjob. I want to suck him so good that he cries for me to stop. I know then what he really wants. I sit on his cock nice and slow because I love to ride. He has good coke so he’s going to get good pussy.

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