Young, Drugged, And Anally Fucked


druggy pornBeing an anal cum dump ain’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it! I started training when I was real small, and I ain’t stopped yet! Now, look at me! You gotta lube me up and work me down if you have any hope of fitting that thick cock into my asshole. Now, I’m not picky at all! You can shoot me up, snort me down, or smoke me sideways. I’ll even pop a pill, or you can popper me up my little shit box. Loosen this young asshole just enough to get that cock inside. After that, I’m on my druggy high and I don’t give a fuck what you do to me. You paid for this after all, didn’t you? I have some nice young cousins who might come play with us if you’re feeling extra hungry. They like to party too! Oh shit I feel your balls getting so tight against me, and I know you’re about to bust right deep in my little ass. You want me to bend over when you pull out so you can take pictures of how gaped open and creamy I am? Yeah, I’ll push just a little and ooze that gunk out!

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