Working on the Pipes.

Lot Lizard SexI had a flood in my trailer and the plumber came to fix it. He was kind of young with a bit of a beer belly and he smelled like a bathroom. But I was horny and he did me a favor by fixing my toilet. When he finished fixing it he just pulled out his cock and started pissing. I could tell he had a big cock, but after that there was no question. Before he even completely finished I started blowing him. I like the taste of the piss drops on the tip and he was sweaty just like I love. He slapped me with his balls and told me to ride him as he sat on the toilet. I put is cock in my cunt and rode him like a roller coaster. He put his thumb in my ass while he fucked my pussy and I loved every stroke and finger thrust. I came all over his cock and as I went to get off he held me in place and told me to piss on him.I let my golden stream cover his dick and legs and the nasty little fucker was in heaven. He didn’t even charge me for fixing or being the toilet!

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