After Hours

phone sex line evonneI didn’t know if it was urban legend, just a rumor, or a story that the owners made up to keep customers coming in. At any rate, the stories were intriguing and turned me on every time I heard them. So when I saw the ‘help wanted’ sign in the window I applied for the job. I would be working as the closing server, which meant I would be there at night and have a chance to explore all the stories of the haunting and how much the entity loved women and hated men. There were more stories than I could remember and my cunt was tingling as I locked the doors and got ready to clean up. All I could think about was how much I wanted to experience the paranormal and how hot it would be. I was almost done with all my work and not one thing had happened. I was starting to believe that none of it was true and found that I was pretty bummed about that. The last thing to do was turn off the lights over the counter. It is an old dive and I couldn’t reach the switch. I hoped on the counter with my feet on one of the stools and slid back, reaching for the switch and that is when it happened. I felt the temperature drop drastically and suddenly it was very cold. So cold that I could see my breath. My nipples responded by getting rock hard and the rush of excitement sent a jolt of electricity straight to my cunt which started dripping juice. Suddenly I couldn’t move and I saw the mass of orange, red, glowing form floating towards me. My legs spread without my command and the form was between my legs. It felt as if a thousand warm tongues were licking the lips of my pussy. I threw my head back and moaned, enjoying the feeling and wanting more. I felt as if a huge warm dildo was shoved deep into my wet cunt. I have never cum so hard in my life and just as quickly as it appeared it was gone, leaving me breathing heavy and sweating. No one is ever going to believe this! I cant wait to go to work tonight!live phone sex demonsex

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