Working Late at the Office!

Anal Sex WhoreI had to work late at the library today! And that fucking sucks! We are opening a new exhibit and I Had to supervise some of the workers. I was really hoping it would be done early so I could go out and party! I was sitting upstairs watching all the workers. There sweaty body’s working hard. I got so turned on I raised up my skirt and starting playing with my pussy! I knew they could easily see me and I really done give a fuck! My cunt is pulsating! And I need to be fucked. So I started moaning louder. Just to get their attention. And it worked like a charm! The guys watched me for a few minutes. Then they made there way upstairs to me! When they finally showed up I told them it was about time! I turned around and bent all the way over. Showing off my ass and pussy lips. I looked back over my shoulder and said “Who gets to fuck me first!” I didn’t bother getting their names! I dont give a fuck who they are. One by one I took each and ever hard cock and when I knew they were close I would scream cum inside me baby! And they all did! I am such a fucking cum whore!

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