Wet Cunt for a Cold Beer

Me and bestie decided to hang at the community pool today. I am loving this new warm weather. We took a cooler of beer, and had drank ourselves silly within a couple hours. There were families and shit at the pool, but we were just too fucked up to care and needed some action. The only guys there alone were quite a bit older than us, but again, the beer made everything seem alright. Thats the usual when I am with her.

We kept parading by the men, shaking our asses in our little bikinis as we did, and she even tripped a few times she was so fucking wasted. I laughed my ass off, but we finally had their attention. We had run out of beer, and so I asked one of the guys if I could get a beer off him. He asked what we would do for them for a couple cold beers and I gave my favorite answer: ANYTHING! He motioned towards the shed where the bathrooms were and told us to meet him and his buddies behind there.

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We went back there and they followed. Once out of sight of the pool, they reached up and untied our bikini tops and then spun us around to face the wall. They told us to shake our tight asses like we’d been doing all day. I had no problem with that, and neither did she, so we gave them a slutty show of some drunk hot ass. They couldn’t keep their hands off of us at that point and got their cocks out and up between our ass cheeks in no time. They fucked us both right there behind the shed, and I was so happy to get those cold beers afterwards!

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