Fucked Till Unconcious

So after I got high last night I tried to make it back home. I guess the guys who gave me my smack had other plans. They all gathered around and started to push me into each other, soon I was on the ground. They spit on me calling me a stupid whore. They all pulled out their dicks and started to slap me in the face with them. One grabbed my jaw Pissing Sex Silviaand said open wide as began to piss in my mouth. He slapped my face and told me I spilled some than rubbed my face in the ground making me lick it up. I felt my clothing being torn off of me and soon I had a few pairs of hands on my tits and pushing into my ass. I tried to beg them to please let me go, I had paid them the cash they wanted, but they laughed and said inflation was going up and I was their fuck slut tonight.

I looked up and saw this foot long dick being stroked above me and when he leaned down he put his knees on my forearms and lowered his pelvic towards my mouth. He was using all his body weight to hold my upper body down and soon was pumping that foot long cock down my throat. I can’t tell you how many times I vomited and had to swallow quickly or I would have choked to death on this dick! He would not stop! Pumping faster and faster, calling me his face slut. Telling me he could fuck my mouth for hours until I passed out from lack of oxygen. And that is what Extreme Phone Sex Silviahappened. I was dozing in and out. They were choking me and I realized they were making me pass out on purpose! They wanted to fuck an unconscious whore! They beat me with their belts until I was almost bleeding. Just to piss all over my face and in my mouth! When I came to this morning I was in an alley naked and being fucked by a group of homeless men They must have drove me while I was passed out, and I was in nothing but a ripped pair of panties. And I was so weak all I could do was cry….

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