When A Stripper Needs More Cash!

Stripper Sex Stories

When I need to make a little extra cash I can always suck some cock and get my ass gaped! Nothing feels better than taking advantage of guys who get a little too hard when I dance for them. When I dance so dirty that guys get so fucking hard for me it gets my slutty little cunt dripping wet. In the champagne room I can easily suck a cock and make a guy nut all over my tits or right in my mouth before security notices us. I can make an extra $500 bucks if I suck off every guy that asks for a private dance, some even ask if I can ride their cock or let them shove it into my filthy little shit pipe. Of course I let them fuck me however they want as long as I’m making that extra money!

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    • Kaiden on June 1, 2022 at 11:03 am
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    I won’t pay for it, but i will make you gape, bitch.

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