Water Sports Sex at the Truck Stop

water sports sexWater sports sex is not an everyday thing for me, but if a guy wants me to piss on him, who am I to say no or judge? This was a loser white boy, of course. That was probably obvious, LOL.  I go to the truck stop a few nights a week. I pick up a lot of black cock at the truck stop. I find a lot of men down to party with me. Occasionally, it is some bitch boy like Leroy who has no cock but lots of coke. He was not looking to fuck me. Unlike my small dick ex-husband, Leroy has accepted his short comings. He knew he could never fuck a hot trailer trash whore like me. I asked him what he was offering then. He was the one that approached me about some coke he wanted to share. I know it is ass or grass, but nobody rides for free. He wanted a hot bitch to pee on him. I was like is that all? I mean he had a huge bag of coke that would have been $500 easily if I had to go to a dealer for a fix. He spewed out this sob story about being a humiliation junkie but struggling to find some one for water sports. Golden showers or brown showers, if you are paying me cash, grass or powder, I am in. What do I care that some small dick wonder wants me to give him a golden shower? I have done a lot worse things than pissing sex for coke, LOL. I got in his cab with him, snorted a couple lines and guzzled a Big Gulp of lemonade. That turned me into a pissing machine. I coated him head to toe in my golden nectar. He was like some horny monkey in a cage, basking in the glory of my sunshine and wanking his little nub. Sure, he was one pathetic loser, but I got the biggest bag of coke from our deal and it only cost me a Big Gulp. Now, that was a steal.

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