Valentine’s Day Remains Busy for Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes stay busy around Valentine’s Day. Lots of men like you enjoy the family experience. My husband and I know that our daughters stay busy this time of year between Super Bowl parties and Valentine’s Day celebrations. So, we make sure to have the girls available for men like you. My boys do not do much whoring these days. Not since they grew out of their looking like girls from behind phase.

However, a woman wanted all three of our sons for a Valentine’s present for herself. And how could we say no to that? Our sons wanted the chance too. They often feel jealous of their sisters. Not necessarily because they are always fucking, but because of the money they make. My sons want money too. But my two oldest ones have zero bi tendencies, leaving their baby brother to make all the money for the daddies who want boy ass.

Male hookers for hire can make bank too. But they must be willing to take cock in the ass. That’s because not many women pay for sex. We do not need too. So, this was a rare treat for the boys. A sugar mama wanted to be a three-hole whore for Valentine’s Day. And even though I wanted that too, I can get that any day. This woman just wanted my son’s young hard cocks for a few hours. And we could not blame her. They all three have wonderful cocks. Plus, their stamina rivals that of a porn star’s.

Sometimes Even Women Want to Rent My Three Sons for a Night

I went with them last night for their date. And my husband escorted our girls on their respective rent a daddy dates. Can I tell you how hard it was for me to sit in the background watching another trashy milf fuck my boys? I kept my eye on her money. I knew she did not want to share them with me. And I did not blame her. My boys gave her pussy, ass and mouth the royal treatment too.

Of course, they came home and fucked their mommy properly. I love my sons, but I know they have girlfriends and stuff. Even another hot milf will never take them away from me. Mommy always cums first.

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